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  1. shalabhgandhi

    H1-B Transfer - USCIS asking for Further Evidence

    Hi Garun, I am in a similar dilemma..The only difference being I do not want to go corp to corp, just want to transfer it. Please Let me know if you get answered
  2. shalabhgandhi

    H1B Transfer Related Issue

    Candidate Profile : ------------------- 485 Pending for the last 6 years Had EAD but never used. As of now EAD is expired Always Worked on H1B and have maintained the H1B series properly without gaps for the last 10 years Present Situation : ----------------- - Worked with Company A on H1B. Got Laid off. And they revoked H1B after 2 months of layoff. - Within 10 days of loosing job at Company A, started H1B transfer to Company B, now paystubs running regularly but H1B transfer is in process and there is a RFE, asking for client letter. And company B is not helping much with client Letter. Though they have to reply by Feb 11, 2015, so taking it lightly. - As of today candidate got another offer from Company C, and they are ready to transfer his H1B. Question : --------- Can H1B be transferred to company C, considering Company B is still not replying back to the RFE ?
  3. shalabhgandhi

    EAD/ AP Combo Card

    No Risks except for the fact that you have to pay again for EAD\AP combo. You may not be able adjust \ convert AP filed in November 2013 to this new combo one. thanks
  4. shalabhgandhi


    Hi I am presently working on H1B with Employer A and I also have EAD (I485 is pending for more than 5 years) under EB3 category. I want to work part time with Employer B using the EAD, while at the same time continue my H1B with Employer A and work with them. Is this sort of arrangement OK? Would that raise any concerns or issues to my immigration status ? Appreciate a concrete reply on the same. Thanks
  5. shalabhgandhi

    Urgent EAD/H4 - EAD/H1

    No, she cant. The moment she starts using her EAD, her H4 is abandoned. We have been through this 2 years back so I know. And if she travels outside US, she needs to use AP to come back.
  6. shalabhgandhi

    Visa Approved at Calgary - Oct 7th

    Hi There, Exatly In how many days will you be getting your passport back from consulate?
  7. Yes Man, I dont see any hope in change of dates....Vancouver is really bad when it comes to dates, try some other cities
  8. shalabhgandhi

    H1B stamping approved-Vancouver oct 9th

    Hi There, Exatly In how many days will you be getting your passport back from consulate?
  9. Which consulate are you applying for visa ?
  10. shalabhgandhi

    Visa Interview Vancouver Oct 9th

    Hi battuji, After you get the visa, can you please let this thread know exactly how long (days\time) it took to get the stamped passport back in hand. Would appreciate it. thanks
  11. Hi Rocky01, I have an appointment on 30th Oct, and wud like to swap for an early date. Is swapping possible? How can this be done? message me...
  12. shalabhgandhi

    PIMS Update

    Hi vijkum, So you have your appointment on Oct 2, after you are done can you please let me know how many days it took you to get the stamped visa in hand ? I have my appointment on 30th, so wanted to know how long will it take, so that I can book my return tickets accordingly. Also please tell, which consulate are you going? thanks a much and good luck for your interview