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Sindhu Rudraiah

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  1. Sindhu Rudraiah

    L1B to H1,want to continue in L1

    This scenario is not a status change but a complete fresh H1b process I believe. Can u confirm venky. My followup question is: Scenario 1: working with companyA in L1b and companyB applying for status change to H1b. Scenario 2: working with company A in L1b and companyB applying fresh H1b petition. Is both the scenarios considered same? Or if they are different, then a candidate can continue with L1b and hold the approved H1b petition for future transfer when desired.? Please clarify.
  2. Sindhu Rudraiah

    L1B to H1 conversion

    Hi I have L1B currently and another company has applied for my H1B, which is still in processing status. Once H1b is approved, is it mandatory that I need to convert to H1B. can i decide whether to continue with L1B or go for H1B. If i continue L1b then what happens to my H1B. Please clarify. What is the legal process for conversion.
  3. Sindhu Rudraiah

    EAD if spouse has H1

    Thanks for your reply...
  4. Sindhu Rudraiah

    EAD if spouse has H1

    Hi, My husband had L1 B visa and on that bases I have EAD. But now his Visa status is changed to H1. What will happen to my EAD? Please let me know...