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  1. reddy183

    H1 Filing question

    Hi, H1B was filled by Employer A and i797 dates valid 1OCT2008-26SEP2011; however did not come to US. Now that is more than 6 years can I use same i797 for filing H1B from an employer B. Employer B was saying no need to file for new H1B and they can use old i797 for extension. Please let me know it is urgent.
  2. reddy183

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    Hi again, I have an approved i140 from employer A (2012) and I am seeking a new employment with B. When I informed A about resignation he said he said he will be revoking i140 as I am no longer his employer. Will I carry the PD? There are mixed responses in the blogs. Can the attorney please clarify?
  3. reddy183

    EB2 Retrogression

    Hi, I have PD of Jun2012 under EB2. I am a contractor and got an offer for fulltime. I am changing my employer and now with Obama's executive action plans, I am quite confused what to do. It is difficult to get a sponsorhip for a FTE for our jobs in biotech field. I did let go last year when the comprehensive bill was passed in senate last year thinking that house would do the same. Again i got an opportunity now. Any suggesstions on what is the situation and what is the better thing to do. Even though Obama uses executive orders, what are the chances that it will effective immediately and everybody getting GC in next 6 months.
  4. reddy183

    H1B stamped-- Only travelling question

    Replies please
  5. Hello, My H1B is approved when I was working in NJ and stamping has been done and valid until 2 more years. I moved my work location and LCA approved for new location in CA. I am travelling to India for a month. Do I need H1B ammended for travelling purpose or is it okay as port of entry might not really care abt the H1B ammendment. I am working, have pay checks, LCA all the required letters (employer, client etc)