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  1. Annflower

    H1b petition during stamping

    Yes. I am referring to I797. Thanks Praveen...Thats comforting:)
  2. Annflower

    H1b petition during stamping

    Friends, I attended the visa interview on Oct 9th. My visa is approved but the VO did not return my H1b petition. And he said I will get it along with passport. Has anyone faced the same and is it normal?
  3. Annflower

    Toronto Oct 8th waiting for passport

    Monday is closed as it is Thanksgiving. I am in the same boat as you. Waiting for my passport and believe I will get it on Tuesday. And one more question, did the VO give you back the H1 petition or did they keep it with them??He didnt give my petition back and said I will get it along with the passport. Please advice.
  4. Annflower

    Passport return time

    Hi Friend, Did they give back your H1B petiton or did they have it with them?
  5. Annflower

    Visa approved in Toronto

    Goulram, One quick question to you since you attended the interview in Toronto. Did you take your cell phone with you? In that case, is there anywhere we can give our cell phone to the security or somewhere? I need the phone with me as I need to call my friend to pick me up after the interview.Also, it would be helpful if you could list the questions asked to you!!!
  6. Annflower

    H1b Stamp

    Yes it. Location where you are attending the interview or submitting the application. If you are going to Ottawa, this is correct.
  7. Annflower

    Trip purpose URGENT

    You mean while scheduling for the visa interview? If you going to schedule in the website, it should ask you to select certain options and you will be able to choose the below: Persons in Specialty Occupation (H-1B and/or related H4)
  8. Thanks Satch69. That is very helpful to know. You are a genius for asking that question:) I really appreciate it!!! rahul412 - I will send an email to consulate and check with them as well. My plans are solely dependent on the response from people who are attending an interview before me since I have got 9 more days left and any update will be helpful as I can avoid if there is risk involved.
  9. Friends, I see that your appointments are on Oct 7th and 8th..I have a quick question. I know this is irrelevant to the posting you have made. Is there any effect on the visa interviews as a result of the shutdown. My appointment is on Oct 9th and wanted to make sure that there is no problem in going to the interview. If possible, can you please give an update on how it went in Toronto and if there is any delay in processing?
  10. Friends, I have a visa interview scheduled in Toronto, Canada on Oct 9th. Will this be affected because of the shutdown? I have been reading various blogs and it says the consular offices and visa processing will work as normal. I request people getting stamped in Toronto or any other place for that matter, please provide an update on what is going on, so it will be very helpful for me to plan accordingly. Your input matters a lot:)