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  1. I'm in an unique situation. I've been offered position in small time Canadian based employer, who is still setting up the team here and doesn't have Physical office location at this point. Learned that the plan to setup an office got delayed due to COVID situation. Can LCA be filed just using my home location in the "Place of Employment Information" section? Also, would it be ok identifying Employers Canada address in "Employer information" section? Please provide your inputs and it will greatly help in deciding my transfer petition towards this employer.
  2. Hello. Thanks for responding. I'll try to answer at my best and the rest if up to fate.. Btw, the previous Denial was in regards to the university and how it qualified under Masters quota for initial H-1B. On further responding to that NOID (that univ is accredited, not willful representation etc), USCIS acknowledged that the initial H-1b approval was in error and ultimately denied extension.
  3. Can someone please acknowledge my concern and provide their feedback.
  4. patela_24

    NOID status for H1 B Extention

    When exactly your case got approved in 2012? Was it before June 11' 2012? I'm asking because, you may have a good chance of defending your case considering this as argument. If your petition got approved before June 11' 2012 in MS quota and since the initial petition was approved in error by USCIS, your case could have been adjusted in General CAP which is the later 60000 quota which were open until June 11' 2012. But USCIS never did that. If your case would have been adjusted in the general quota back in 2012 itself, you wouldn't have received such NOID at this point. So , consult your attorney and DO present this point in your reply. My case didn't had such possibility as my H1 got approved in 2013 so I had to come back to India after learning that response to the NOID was not considered and my petition got denied. All the best.
  5. Hello All, I've a peculiar concern bothering me from a while regards to previously denied H1b and possibility of facing VISA appointment, re-entering U.S with new H1b... My background: I've been in U.S since 2008 with M.S from Stratford university from 2011. Got my initial H1B picked in lottery back in 2013 and approved for 3 yrs. Unfortunately this was in MS quota. So for this reason, USCIS claimed that my university being a private university doesn't qualify in MS quota, questioned my H1b extension in 2016 with NOID. My attorney failed to represent my case and my extension got denied. So, with expired I94 I've travelled back to India, started working in Bangalore. Fortunately, I've been working with same Company here in India. And due to position demands, The same company has applied my H1b with 5 yrs working experience (instead of using my Masters degree) in general quota FY2018, application got picked and approved. My company is preparing my VISA package (and for my spouse) and I'm planning to schedule joint appointment in Hyderabad consulate. I'm in a bit of tensed situation at this point; I'm kind of expecting questions from VO pertaining to my previous stay in U.S , like 'To elaborate how exactly my previous extension petition got denied?' , 'Why did I graduated from such University?' etc, Will I be scrutinized regardless of my New approved I-797 approval notice? .. Also, I'm still waiting on official offer letter from my Company but the immigration attorney firm associated with my company states that the I797 approval notice and VISA package (docs mentioning my title, prospective salary after starting as U.S employee etc) that they are going to ship before the VO appointment would be suffice for the interview. Is this a valid point? How likely can I get through the interview with out offer letter? Will I be subjected towards any Administrative processing (221G) due to my previous stay in United states? I request professional attorneys and experienced individuals out there to please go through my concerns and provide your feasible inputs. Has there been any rules enforced lately in Trump administration that I should be aware of which can impede my stamping possibilities? Thanks much in advance.
  6. patela_24

    H1B April 2015 - Stratford Univ

    Hi Teja11, I'm already on my first H1 and from same univ. I'm in the same situation and actually thought of contacting ramineni associates for a long time. My H1 has to be transfered to a new employer shortly. Please PM and keep in touch.
  7. patela_24

    H1B Extension RFE for "Profit university"

    Hi Harry, Good to hear that your RFE was cleared and moved to acceptance. Please share your details with us/ pm me as in your contact, email, rfe processing details. It will help a lot of us as I'm also graduated from a for profit univ.
  8. Thanks Sanbob for posting the attorneys opinions... Hi Jairichi, Provided the case of mine, I'm also in the similar boat and in a tensed situation. My H1(applied under premium) got picked this fiscal year where USCIS conducted lottery on Apr 7th' 2013 and got the notice on Apr' 11 2013 that it got picked, then had the final approval notice around in Apr' 17 2013 that its approved. How can I determine if my current approved H1 got picked in general rather than MS quota?(since USCIS posted that they have conducted lottery on MS first and reviewed the unselected packets in general pool). Please let me know.
  9. patela_24

    Help on F2 to H4 Conversion

    Hello, I'm currently working as fulltime DBA for retail firm and the company has applied for my H1 this year which got approved with out any issues. My spouse came as F2 dependent since I was still on F1(OPT extension) status. In the month of Aug, I've applied her H4 conversion. My question is since I've pursued my MS in a for profit university, fortunately my H1 got approved for now(I do understand that there could be issues while extension). But when it comes to F2 dependent conversion to H4, what is the probability of her status getting approved? I'm kind of skeptical because her F2 i-20 copy and VISA copy would carry my university information. Please let me know the possibilities and alternatives here. NOTE: I've already got her receipt saying that its being in initial review at this point.