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  1. Congratulations.. A long wait finally came to a positive end :)
  2. ravipro

    221(g) White Slip

    It means they need to do some more processing on your case. They might email and ask you for any additional documents if they need any. Unfortunately, there is no specific wait time for the 221g cases to be resolved. You can look around for other similar threads in this forum which may be able to help you.
  3. ravipro

    H1B Stamping Location

    You need to go to Vancouver
  4. ravipro

    221g Chennai Blue Slip

    I received my passport today with the visa stamp finally. A happy ending to a tireless ordeal. Hope I will not have to ever go through this again! Thanks one and all for the inputs and strength during my ordeal.
  5. ravipro

    221g Chennai Blue Slip

    Thank you! I hope yours gets resolved soon as well.
  6. The status of my 221g updated in CEAC today to Issued. Please find a brief of my 221g journey below: Visa Interview Date: August 26, 2013 First Status Update Date: September 20, 2013 (Still AP) Passport Submission Date: October 18, 2013 Second Status Update Date: October 25, 2013 (Issued) I got a notification from Hyderabad VFS office on October 18, 2013 asking to collect my documents. I picked the documents which also had another 221g Blue slip asking me to submit my passport which I did on the same day.
  7. ravipro

    221g Chennai Blue Slip

    The status of my visa in CEAC has been changed to Issued today morning. Here is a brief history of my journey: Visa Interview Date: August 26, 2013 First Case Update Date Change: September 20, 2013 (Still in AP) Submitted Passport: October 18, 2013 Second Case Update Date Change: October 25, 2013 (Issued) On October 18, I got an email asking to pick up some documents from the VFS office in Hyderabad. Along with the documents, I also received another 221g asking me to submit my passport which I did on the same day.
  8. ravipro

    H1 B 221(g) in Hyderabad on 23rd Oct

    I had a similar experience, however, in Chennai consulate. I just waited for about 2 months until I heard back from the consulate to submit my passport. Since they took all photocopies of documents on the day of VI, they didn't ask me for any documents later. Last week they sent me another 221g asking me to submit my passport which I did. I am presently waiting to receive the passport back with the visa stamp. Hope this helps!
  9. ravipro

    Petitioner, Start date & EAC

    Petitioner should be whatever is there in you I-797A that you received after your amendment. Start Date can be Jan 2012.
  10. I was in a similar situation but I didn't get an email but was notified by someone in the Chennai consulate when I called them. They told me they had sent some documents over, but the VFS email is a generic one and is not customized which is the cause for confusion. In my case, I got back all the original and the photocopies of documents that VO took during the interview along with another 221g blue slip asking me to submit my passport. I guess you will also have a similar experience. Update the thread once you have more information.
  11. ravipro

    221g Chennai Blue Slip

    Great news! I hope and pray for a speed decision. Keep us updated.
  12. ravipro

    221g Chennai Blue Slip

    No status updates on ceac.. Still shows AP.. Got email from VFS office asking me to collect my docs.
  13. ravipro

    H1B Visa Stamp after Employer Change

    I agree with your attorney. You need to go for stamping if you have changed your employer after your previous stamping. If at POE they ask you for an employer letter, you will have to furnish one and since you cannot get one from Employer A, you need to get stamped for Employer B
  14. ravipro

    221g Chennai Blue Slip

    Thank you for the wishes. I sincerely hope your ordeal comes to an end soon as well. How is your client keeping up?
  15. ravipro

    221g Chennai Blue Slip

    I changed three employers in 1 year due to some unforeseen reasons. I am assuming that might be the reason. I just can't think of anything else which might have raised a red flag.