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  1. amirferoz

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Status on the website was updated on the 29th september 2013 from 18th march 2013. I got an email on 1st October to submit my passport since it was a Tuesday I submitted it the same day. Today case status was updated again showing 3rd of October but it is still showing administrative processing. I hope I don't go thorough this torture again. After 2 years I become a canadian citizen so I dont need usa visa anymore. Its just on the indian passport I need one to visit my family.
  2. amirferoz

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    I got an email from the consulate to submit my passport and the yellow sheet on te 1st of october lets see how long does the stamping take
  3. amirferoz

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    I applied for a b1/b2 visa on the 18th of March 2013. After the interview I was given a yellow 221g letter and was told I should get a response in 2 weeks. However I have not got a respeonse from the consulate yet. I was in the USA from 2006 on a F-1 visa and then got My h1b which I did not renew and left USA in 2012. On the visa status page it shows case created 18th march 2013 last update 29 september 2013 but it is still in ap I have not yet recieved any email from the consulate to submit my passport for stamping. I would like to know if anyone on 22g who did not submit the passport did the status page ask them to submit it when the ap was over.