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  1. sahithi

    221(g)TALL(Blue) at Ottawa on Sep 25th

    Hi Gangavas , Sorry to hear this . Don't worry hope it will not get effected due to this government shutdown . At all - Could you also please share the experiences and interview questions
  2. Did any one rescheduled the appoitment after they booked it intially . I have booked nov 6th for torento but want to reschedule it to different place . Could any one suggest which one is better and what is the process to reschedule the appoiment . Also please let me know how to change DS 160 form and resubmit it to different place . Could any one reply ASAP . Thanks !!
  3. sahithi

    H1-B 221g toronto canada

    Above All , Any updates on your status's who got 221G . how long it is taking for processing .
  4. sahithi

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    Hi All , I have scheduled an appointment on Nov 6th to Toronto . Can every body who went to Toronto recently one share their experience .. and give some suggestions !! Thanks !
  5. Hi All, I have H1 B stamping in Torento on Nov 6th. Planning to go to canada on Nov 5th. Please let me know if any one is there share an accommodation there. Thanks & Regards Sahithi