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  1. Hi All , My friend have visa interview in Jamica next week and she realized that she submitted DS 160 with old passport details. She renewed her passport very recently . As far as i know once the application is submitted we cannot change anything , So can she start a new application? Will she be able to use the same MRV receipt number and same interview date ? Suggestions please appreciated. Thank you, Riya
  2. Even in my interview he asked me the same question, I said being a consultant i have to travel so many places. When applied for Licence i was in that state now i moved.( May be its not the right answer but that's what came into my mind at that time) He was satisfied with my answer.
  3. Hello All, Thanks for the admins and the Users for making this forum very useful. On day of interview, my appointment was at 10.30 AM , They allowed me inside at 10.10 AM. All formalities took less than 45 mins and actual Interview was 10 mins. Steps: 1) Carry DS 160 confirmation page , Appointment letter and Passport( Open all the envelopes if you are carrying any-like transcripts ) 2) Security check - ( not more than 5 min) 3) Before finger print check there is a counter after security check, they will check you if the photo in DS-form is perfect , if not they will ask you submit new photographs. The lady in the counter gave my passport back with a number on it and asked me to wait till my number comes on the screen. 4) On the same floor they will take finger prints. When then number flashes on the screen , go and submit passport and they will take your finger prints. Once its done they will give your passport back. You have to wait till your number comes in the screen for the actual interview which is in 20th floor. 5) Once the number flashes security guard will take you to 20th floor. Here you will see all the VO and applicants. ( Don't be panic and its better not to concentrate on others interview process) 6) Officers will cal your number for interview. ( Final Interview) . The below are the questions: My case: EVC model. VO: Show me your LCA , Client letter and Passport. (He took my papers went inside and came back after 3 min and asked me if i am really working for the client. I showed my company Hierarchy whom i report to and my Company access card. He said ok) VO: How long with your employer? VO: Show me pay stubs. Immediately he asked for bank statements. ( Checking if your employer depositing money in your account or not) VO: Is he paying you on time ? How much you are getting every month ? VO: Where did do you Maters? ( He typed something on screen for 1 min ) VO: Your visa is approved I did my Masters in Computers and bachelors in computers too. He didn't ask me about my specialization. But if you are not a computer science student be prepare to answer why you are working in Computer field. After Interview: 18th : Status showed "Admin Processing " 19th and 20th : Sat and Sunday 21st : Mid night it showed "Issued" 22nd: Bill number was available in the morning. Take a print out of the number and carry Drivers licence for proof. Picked my passport from Loomis Branch and back to US. While returning I took Bus from Vancouver to Seattle. At US port of entry they asked why I went to Canada that's all. All the best everybody !!!!!! Hope its helpful !!
  4. Riya2345

    Successful visa stamping in Calgary ON Oct 7 2013

    Congratulations .. and thank you for posting your interview exp.
  5. Riya2345

    Successful Visa stamping Calgary Canada@ Oct 2

    Hi Rajesh , 1) How long it took for you to take get the passport in hands? 2) When VO says company , do we need to talk about our employer ? or Client ? Thanks Riya.
  6. Hi Sandeep.. Thank you for your response. Could you plz send me the details to my email id i mentioned in the profile. I will contact you. Riya
  7. Congratulations and Thanks alot for this post. Its really helpful. :)
  8. Riya2345

    Anyone going to Calgary on October 15th ?

    Hi what is the airport code for Calgary ? Is it YYC ?
  9. Riya2345

    Anyone going to Calgary on oct 23?

    What is the airport code for Calgary ? Is it YYC ?
  10. I have date scheduled on oct 18th at Calgary. Let me know if there is any shared accommodation.
  11. Yes, You need to fill new DS-160 form if you change the consulate and update this new DS number in your appointment by clicking Edit option on your confirmation page.
  12. Riya2345

    visa stamping during gov shutdown

    Thank you Varun .. Its really very much needed info.
  13. Riya2345

    query on filling out DS160

    Its always better to enter the amount mentioned in LCA.. and if you are getting little more than LCA amount that wouldn't be a problem. But if it is less than LCA amount it would be a problem . One of my friend had this issue and they gave him Yellow slip..
  14. Riya2345

    Unable to book appointment at Vancouver

    Hello.. Its because now there are no dates available in Vancouver. Its hard to get dates now. If you are not in a hurry and planning to go after 2 months then it's better to wait till the dates are open. But If you are planning to go now.. Then it's better choose the other locations( Like Ottawa, Calgary , Toronto etc) for dates.