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  1. Hello kodramr Thanks for sharing your experience, it is really helpful. Question: I am in the same situation and my i-94 is expiring in June 2017, I went to CBP Terminal E Logan airport, same location as you mentioned above, but one of the officers said they do not process anything like that and also said that someone has given incorrect info. So, I am just confused or in dilemma to whether go to Airport again or not? Hi I was in the same situation 10 days ago. Received renewed passport, I94 was going to expire in 4 days but having I797 validity till next year, went to Terminal E Logan Airport Boston MA, CBP window is there in the left side. Reached 8AM in the morning, a lady asked me to enter my name in the register. One officer came after 5 minutes and picked up my old and new passports and came back with extended I94 and passports in 5 minutes. No questions and documents asked. Later I verified online...it is updated and good. Hope this would help...All The Best. Thanks to Sudhakar Y who guided me to Boston. btw I live in Boston :)
  2. Hello, Looking for some help on best ways to look and book for Visa appointment dates at US Consulate Mumbai for H1B stamping. I do understand that whatever dates they mention on US Travel Docs website candidate profile calendar are available but I want to know if those dates can change on daily basis? Currently as of today earliest date available is Dec 27,2016. Thanks for your help
  3. oh thats nice t2v. Hope you return US soon. I may get something today or tomorrow. All the best for everything in future and thanks for all the communication and help. Nitish..
  4. hi t2v, did you got waybill number yet? DHL number? on Canada us info website?
  5. Hi t2v, Update: Mine GOT ISSUED JUST NOW. hoping we get our passports soon. I think it will take a day or 2 to get update on canada-usvisa.info. Which loomis branch did you opt for? are you guys planning to visit consulate tomorrow? Thanks Nitish
  6. Hi t2v Did u got any update on picking passport? Nitish
  7. Hi t2v, I went and tried again at consulate and the person at front window counter outside called officials inside and told me to wait for email. I just got email from US consulate at 4PM to wait for further instructions and they are still looking. My last status update date got changed to Oct 25. Lets see what happens on Monday. Nitish
  8. wow thats wonderful t2v..congrats.... Its very unfortunate that I missed thursday and today they said they only allow tuesday and thursday between 11 and 1:30. Yesterday, i was there at consulate but no one helped me.so I need to wait till tuesday now.
  9. Hi t2v, Any update on status yet? Thanks Nitish
  10. Thanks t2v. By any chance do you know the hours for consulate toronto? is it till 2PM only? or 4:30PM?
  11. Hi t2v, thanks very much for the update. Thats great to hear some positive news. Did your status got updated to issued yet? Thanks Nitish
  12. Hi Renquiry, Can you please tell me which embassy you visited? And what did you asked at the counter? Mine was at Toronto, so am not sure even if they allow to enquire anything at consulate? Thanks Nitish
  13. Interview date: Oct 15,2013 Last Status Update Date: Oct 17,2013 Admin Processing Its been more than a week, no update. Can anyone please tell their experiences on PIMS? Wil this process usually take so long?
  14. Hi t2v, Did you got any response yet? any update? nm_h1b, can you please reply on your current status? Thanks Nitish
  15. Hi nm_h1b, Its really a great great news.. Congrats.... Can you please tell me when did you see that update and where? ceac.state.gov? or csc canada? How many days it will take to get your passport? Is there any info available? Thanks Nitish