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  1. Hello, Employer 'A' has filed an amendment last year and it is still in processing stage. But i recently moved to a new employer 'B' and they filed my H1B transfer. I'm planning to visit India sometime in Dec and go for visa stamping. What will happen if my amendment is still pending during that time?? If my employer 'A' withdraw my amendment application, will it be a problem for me?? Thank you...
  2. rvrr26

    140 Revocation - H4 EAD

    Hello.. I'm moving from Employer A to B. My 4yrs of H1B is completed and have I-140 approved in 2015. Now my new employer B has filed my H1B transfer using already approved 140. As premium process is not available, my h1b transfer is still under process with USCIS. Meanwhile, my Employer A says that he will cancel my 140 as I'm no more working for his company. 1) Can an employer cancel I-140 which is approved back in 2015? 2) Cancelling 140 will have any affect on my H1B Transfer, wife H4 EAD extension which is still in process? 3) If old employer cancels I-140, will USCIS approve H4 EAD?? Thank you....
  3. rvrr26

    H1B extension

    Hello, My H1B is expiring in Sep 2017. I would like to file for my extension asap so that I can travel to India in August. But uscis is not accepting premiums starting April. So would like to know how many days before I can file for LCA and extension?? Also, premium rule applies to extensions too?? Thank you in advance...
  4. rvrr26

    DS160 HELP

    Hi, I submitted my ds-160 2weeks back and i gave my monthly income after taxes.Is that fine or do i need to change ds-160?
  5. rvrr26

    DS160 HELP

    Thanks :)