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  1. manoh1b

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    @ heuristix Congratulations !! Good to hear the news in your case.. Did you get a chance to submit your passport today??
  2. manoh1b

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    @heuristix, @Sneha12... Does your case update date changed to Nov 15th? Mine got changed twiice, Once to Nov 4th and now moved to Nov 15th. Does it mean anything?
  3. manoh1b

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    My Interview date - Oct 28th . I was interviewed by the Afro-American VO @Toronto. I got 221g Green, asking me to submit more documents by email regarding my exact nature of study, my CV , list of publications etc. I did my Masters in CS from US university and after my graduation was working on OPT.My H1B has started from October 1st,2013. @Sneha12 and @heuristix- Did you guys heard anything back from them? Please keep us posted on your status. Thanks
  4. areddy1234, Dont worry much.You will get your passport back in next couple of days i guess. I sent my passport to them on september 23rd and they have received it on september 25th.Now,it is on its way back. From yesterday night i was able to track my passport . So i hope you will get it soon too.Best of luck :)
  5. I have applied for canada visitor visa online on 13th september 2013. Got an email message to send passport on 23rd september 2013 Sent my passport on 23rd September 2013 and they have received it on 25th September 2013. I'm still waiting for my passport . I'm little bit tensed as i have my interview on OCT 28th. I tried to enquire about the status of my application by an email to re-cngny-immigration@international.gc.ca. Here is the reply which i got from them.. " Due to the volume of messages, we will only respond to requests for application status if the processing period posted on our website has been exceeded. Please visit: http://www.canadainternational.gc.ca/new_york/visas/processing-traitement. aspx?view=dAny Disclaimer: By supplying your email address, you are authorizing CIC to use your email address for communication including transmission of personal information on your file/case."