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  1. sendilvera

    H1B Extension Denial.. Other Options

    Thanks xTDx
  2. sendilvera

    H1B Extension

    yes .. you can
  3. All, I got my H1B Extension Denial after RFE response, I94 is expired. Looking for other options .. Could anyone share your thoughts .. Much Appreciated. Thanks in advance. Can I transfer my H1 to new employer? Can I appeal the denial ? If I do so, will I be on status until I figure something else ? I am yet to get the Denial notice, if I get it today ,Am I out of status from tomorrow?
  4. All, Here is my experience in Ottawa Embassy: About Me: 3rd H1B Extension Same Employer for last 4 years EVC Model No US-MS Degree, have 4 year engg degree from India Questions from VO : Are you here for fresh H1B stamping ? No Who do you work for ? XXXX Inc What is your salary? XXX K How long do you work for the employer ? 4 Years Do you have an end client ? Yes Do you have a client letter ? Yes What do you do for them ? Timelines : 07/18 - > Visa Stamping Interview 07/19 -> Got an email from embassy that, passport is sent to courier to pickup 07/20 -> Purolator ( new courier company, No more Canada Post for now) send a email with tracking number 07/21--> Purolator send an email to pickup a passport. Thanks for all of your contribution on this forum. Keep united, keep growing ....
  5. sendilvera

    Query on language support in Ottawa Embassy

    Thanks Shekar ..
  6. All, My wife is on H4 Visa, we are planning to go for stamping in Ottawa in the coming months. She had her first stamping in Chennai with the language support on the interview, not sure if she can get that kind of support in Ottawa embassy. Can you share if anyone have had this experience ? We can always get stamped in Chennai, but just trying to see if we can get Tamil language support in Ottawa . Thanks,
  7. sendilvera

    Question on W2

    Thanks Rahul412 & H1BStamping_Ottwa for the reply..
  8. sendilvera

    Question on W2

    All, I am on a EVC model, working for a desi consulting firm. My 2015 W2 is almost double the amount then 2014 W2, because of my technology update and new billing. Is it going to be a query or issue when I go for stamping?? please assist.. Thanks Senthil
  9. sendilvera

    DS160 not Approved yet .. Please assist..

    thanks XYZ5 & rahul412
  10. Team, I have submitted my DS160 and made the appointment for interview, its been more than a month I am not seeing the DS160 approval. I have my interview in a month or so, do they approve my DS160 at the last minute or a week before my interview ?? please assist. Thanks
  11. thanks Jairichi ... It cleared that I140 Approval override the PERM approval, so when the extension is done, I140 takes the priority then PERM.
  12. It is not me, extensions are done by employer, not sure what approval ( PERM or I140) they attach along with H1 Extension application. Can employer use PERM even though my I140 was approved by the time of H1 Extension?? Or they should use only I140. Please clarify .. thanks
  13. Thanks Jairichi ... If I get I140 approved, can my employer still do the extensions with PERM and not show the I140 Approval on the extension? Just to keep me in the company for an year and then do the next extension with I140 , is that possible ??
  14. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this forum. It helped me in past. Here are my queries : I am on the 7th year of H1B, my employer has applied extension with PERM approved & I140 pending. Default I get 1 year extension with PERM, if suppose I don’t get any result in an year, can I get another 1 yr extension with the approved PERM & pending I140 ?? How long can I do like this ?? If I get I140 approved, can my employee still do the extensions every year with PERM? Will I140 approval override with PERM, so every time I apply H1 Extension I get 3 yrs ??