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  1. dinesh2606

    Waybill number update ?

    hi guys do u ever see "Administrative Processing" as status??
  2. dinesh2606

    Visa Approved at Calgary - Oct 7th

    Did u guys ever see like "Administrative Processing" in application status???
  3. dinesh2606

    Visa Approved at Calgary - Oct 7th

    hi can you plzz let me know where u looked "" Issued """ ?/
  4. dinesh2606

    Visa Approved at Calgary - Oct 7th

    hi, did it show like below for u guys?? U.S. Department of State NONIMMIGRANT VISA APPLICATION Administrative Processing Application ID or Case Number: XXXXXXX Case Creation Date: 10-Oct-2013 Status Updated Date: 10-Oct-2013 Your visa case is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. This processing can take several weeks, or longer. As explained on the day of your interview, if further information is needed, you will be contacted. If your visa application is approved when administrative processing is finished, you will receive notification to collect the passport with the visa from the Loomis branch you selected when you booked your appointment.
  5. dinesh2606

    H1B stamping -please help

    it should be a plus point for you.(Employee-Employer relationship)
  6. no issue in your case. if ur not confident why dont u apply new lca?? it takes only week
  7. dinesh2606

    h1b amendment

    no need.
  8. dinesh2606

    admin processing

    Hi, I attend interview in calgary canada and VO said visa approved. When i check online it showing administrative processing. Guys any one have any idea what adiministrative processing mean?? How long it will take?? My visa exp VO asked client name client location what client do my responsibilities before client name working on client site employer pay good. Thanks Dinesh
  9. dinesh2606

    visa stamping calgary oct 10th

    guys thx for the reply. i am flying on 9th. found accomidation .(book the motel shared) plz let me know if u need any help form my end.
  10. dinesh2606

    H1b visa stamping in calgary , CA on OCT 10,2013

    guys, i have appointment on oct 10th. intrested in sharing accomidation. if u are intrested plz respond ***************** at gmail
  11. hi, my appointmentnon oct 10th *****************@gmail.com plz share ur e mail
  12. any one going to calgary for stamping(oct 2nd week) ??