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Kumar Raj

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  1. Kumar Raj

    cap-gap & STEM Extension

    Yes, I received new I-94. I on H1 from Oct 1st.
  2. I had to do nothing with dependents after H1 transfer.
  3. Kumar Raj

    cap-gap & STEM Extension

    Hey, I applied for STEM and H1 at the same time, my STEM got approved and so was H1-B.
  4. Kumar Raj

    h1b ofc appointment

    Call their helpline to know information. Contact your legal adviser too.
  5. Kumar Raj

    H4 EAD to H1B: what happens to EAD?

    I understand that EAD is valid as long as your H4 is valid.
  6. Hi, I am changing job when my wife is on H4 EAD, its valid till 2019. My current employer will not revoke I-140. Will current EAD be valid after job change (H1 Transfer)?
  7. Did you receive new i797? I think the current processing times are 3 months
  8. Hi, my H1 extension is approved but I have not received i797 hard copy notice in hand yet and I am planning to change employer. Will it be okay if I leave my current employer without hard copy of i797?
  9. Yes guys! thanks for your support though..
  10. Okay, On June 9th, status said "Case Upgraded to Premium" and on June 13th. below is the status " Case Was Received and A Receipt Notice Was Emailedsince it mentioned "email", I believe it is still being processed as Premium. Am I correct?
  11. Hey! My case status showed upgraded and now it says case was received. Did you get your approval notice?
  12. My case status again changed to "Case was Received". Does this mean that USCIS cannot process my case in premium?