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  1. jnk_in

    H1B transfer confusion- please help.

    Thanks all for the information and help. Do anyone know good labor attorney? I can talk to the attorney on this and get this done. This issue is eating my mind and I am not able to be normal. Appreciate your help.
  2. jnk_in

    H1B transfer confusion- please help.

    After the call from the employer B. I got an email and whatspp message saying that they need to talk to me regarding the visa cost.
  3. jnk_in

    H1B transfer confusion- please help.

    Some more details. I live in Texas. I have the below details as terms in the contract. I have not even joined the company B still. will this impact me in anything. Please advise. "The employee understands that employer has invested substantial time and affords and incurred expenses in hiring the employee. As such, employee agrees to work for employer for a minimum period of 18 months. In the event employee terminates this agreement during the first 18 months, employee will reimburse all expenses incurred including lost opportunity costs not to exceed $10,000 to the employer as liquidated damages towards such costs as relocation, recruitment and administrative support. Employee understands and agrees that these expenses are not related to any immigration related fees which employer is solely responsible for."
  4. jnk_in

    H1B transfer confusion- please help.

    Company B called me and said they going to file a claim and they will recover the cost of the H1B it seems. They are threatening that I did fraud. And they sent me another email with raise in the salary now. But I dont want to go with them after seeing all these issues with the company B.
  5. jnk_in

    H1B transfer confusion- please help.

    Thanks all for the details. But I have not joined them till now. I am still sticking with my current employer A only. Can the contract gets life even before I join the company B? Please advise.
  6. jnk_in

    H1B transfer confusion- please help.

    Hi, Can someone please help me on this? And forgot to mention I have signed some document from the Company B which says Employer - Employee Contract.They asked me to sign to take things forward and they said its for formality. But the document has a term saying I need to work for them for 18 months, if not I might need to pay damage amount less than or equal to $10000. If I go with Company C, should I need to pay $10000 to Company B? I am in deep trouble. Please help me.
  7. Hi, I am currently working for company A and I got an offer from company B which is a consulting firm. Company B has filed the H1b transfer in premium and it's not approved yet. Right now I got an offer from Company C which is a US based company for full time hire. I really wanted to move with Company C.Company A doesn't know any of these steps now. So I am getting paid from company A. My questions: 1. Will there be any problem if I go with company C while company B's transfer process is in place? 2. Will this impact my transfer process to company C? 3. Can company B sue me for doing this? The start date for joining company B mentioned in offer letter is March 2nd. Someone please help.
  8. Hi All, I am going to apply for GC and my previous employer is not giving me the experience letter? I have BS+6yrs of work experience. My current employer is going to apply for the GC in EB2 category. In this case, will there be any problem? Is there any alternate document to show the experience? Please help me. Thanks.