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  1. tonygreg13

    Successful H-1B visa stamp- chennai July01

    5 business days
  2. I went to H-1B visa stamping on July 01 in Chennai. The visa stamping was approved. VO: GM Me: GM VO: Give me your passport VO: Who is your employer Me: XXXXX VO: I will give you a pamphlet to know your rights, you already must know but it will be handy and useful to review. Me: Sure, i was reading on the screen (in the consulate). ---After 2 mins, he reviewed and said Visa is approved--- Hope this helps! And good luck to all. Currently, still waiting for my passport to come from the embassy to the collection center. Good luck all!
  3. tonygreg13

    Ds 160 question: Education Information

    I think you should be good if you enter the university you graduated from. It doesn't matter how many universities you transferred to. The final graduation university is what matters.
  4. tonygreg13

    Travelling to US on old companies H1b stamp.

    You should not have any problem with that. from my personal experience.
  5. tonygreg13

    Visa appointment using receipt number

    you can book your appointment using the receipt number as it won't change after your approval. But, it is not suggestible to book an appointment with receipt number as no one is sure of the outcome of the petition.
  6. Thanks guys! I received an input from embassy on this subject and this is what they said: "In response to your query please be informed that, the schedule location of interview should match with the location mentioned in the DS-160. Also, you will not be able to retrieve and modify information on the DS-160 application once it is submitted electronically. If you wish to correct and / or update some information, you can select “Retrieve an Application” option at https://ceac.state.gov/GenNIV/Default.aspx, enter the previous visa application ID, answer the security questions and then hit “Create a New Application”. Your personal information will then populate in the new application. In the new form update the information and proceed "
  7. tonygreg13

    2 months left on visa, re-entry possible?

    Cool! thank you guys!
  8. You should be able to go for stamping if you have your original I797 extension with you. I know people who have gone 3-4 months before their previous visa expired.
  9. Hi, I have prepared my DS160 for Hyderabad consulate. Can i use that to schedule an appointment in Chennai consulate or should i prepare a new DS160 for Chennai in order for me to schedule an appointment in Chennai? Appreciate your advise.
  10. Hi, I have only 2 months left on my H-1B visa stamp on my passport, i don't have time to go for visa stamping while i am in India. Anyone has any idea if there will be any issues while re-entering USA? Please let me know your experiences or any suggestions.
  11. Hi, i am also looking for shared accommodation for this month, but i couldn't find any dates for Toronto, it is saying Jan 2017. Could you please let me know if you find any dates for Toronto for this month and early next month? Would really appreciate it. My profile is updated with my email, please contact me through my email so, we can communicate regarding the dates. Appreciate your help!
  12. tonygreg13

    3 months left on H1B & stamping possible

    It is a correct statement by your lawyer, but i feel it could be risky for you to go for stamping, I have never heard of anyone go for such as short period. I would suggest you wait for your extension and go for stamping with your extension.
  13. Guys! could you please help by looking up the schedule and letting me know if there is any appointments available this month (may)or early next month (June)? I am still deciding whether to schedule in Toronto or go to India. Would really appreciate your help! Thanks
  14. tonygreg13

    Successful H1B stamping in Toronto

    Guys! can anyone of you help by looking up next available appointment at Toronto embassy? I still haven't paid the fees and i am deciding whether to go to India or go to Toronto. I would really appreciate your help if you could please look up and let me know if there is any appointment this month (May) or early June? Please advise.