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  1. Question about stamping I have 2 valid h1 copies Old one expires in April and new one starts in April I’m going for stamping in March. So how should i handle this situation? if VO asks my i797 which copy should I give them? Please advise
  2. h1visa68

    Do I need new LCA?

    Mine is a EVC model. I recently got a new job opportunity, 0.5 miles from the current job location My employer says that there is no need to file new LCA. Can someone please throw some light ? Do I need new LCA or not? if we don't need new LCA what if USCIS comes for a site visit to the old location? how do we update the new location? any insights would be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Hello All, I am in Hyderabad, India. My employer applied my petition at CHENNAI, I also filled in DS160 location as CHENNAI. I would like to go to CHENNAI for interview. Now when i created my profile and trying to schedule appointment at ustraveldocs.com I am being asked to fill questions: Step 1: Visa type: Nonimigrant visa Step 2: Please select your country or state of residence : If i select Andhra Pradesh (as in passsport), it automatically pics Hyderabad as my Post if interview location Step 3: Language of interview : English Step 4: Visa Category: Working Step 5: Visa Class : H1B Step 6: Post of Interview : Hyderabad ( How do i get CHENNAI as my location) Thanks
  4. h1visa68

    Successful Stamping at Calgary @April 7th

    Yes I got my passport back on Wednesday evening!
  5. Hi Everyone, I had my stamping on April 7th. and it was so easy. Questions asked: 1 . Timings of my office. 2. Employers name 3. Graduation year. 4. University Name All the best everyone Happy Stamping!
  6. Hi, I am interested. I have my visa interview on April 1st. Let know how can I contact you. Thanks Tejaswi
  7. Any one willing to share accommodation in Calagary, Canada from Feb 18th-Feb-24th.
  8. I have my appt scheduled on Feb 19th .. but i want to go bit earlier ..in feb 1st week..if any ones willing to do ..plz respond.
  9. Can you please post your visa questions?
  10. h1visa68

    Pay Stubs on OPT

    My employer made a mistake on my paystubs. I finished my masters in dec 2011. From jan 2012 onwards i have started working on NJ State till present. I got my h1 approved and started on oct 1st 2013. My employer who is CA Based ran all the paystubs under CA State rather than NJ state, only the paystubs from August 2013 are on NJ state. i am planning to go to stamping in Feb. Will there be any issue about the previous paystubs on OPT?
  11. h1visa68

    Pay Stubs on OPT

    I completed my masters in Dec 2011. My opt started from Jan 2011. I applied H1 and got it approved, will be starting in oct 2013. My client is in NJ and my employer in MN. I am planning to go for stamping in Dec or Jan. I was not aware of the fact that the payroll has to be run where the client location is. My employer has been running the payroll on MN since last year. From last month he started running on NJ state. How many paystubs of OPT should I show them during the stamping? Would the Three OPT paystubs July,August,September(NJ Paystubs) be enough? What if the VO asks me about the previous paystubs? How can I manage this situation? Please help me out.