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  1. netflixmovies

    My VISA Experience @ Vancouver Canada

    did you see anyone in vancouver with 221g?
  2. netflixmovies

    Successful Visa Stamping@Vancouver on 10/17/2013

    Did you see anyone with 221g in vancouver?. How is the success rate?
  3. netflixmovies

    H1B stamping approved-Vancouver oct 9th

    Are you a FTE or EVC model?
  4. netflixmovies

    Successful Visa Stamping Oct 08 - Vancouver

    did they ask for perdiem on your paystub?
  5. netflixmovies

    H1B stamping approved-Vancouver oct 9th

    what is your model - EVC?
  6. netflixmovies

    Calling all Toronto 221Gs

    What questions did they ask for...
  7. netflixmovies

    case update date is today but still admin process

    why did u get Admin processing?
  8. netflixmovies

    Per diem

    i get more than the amount mentioned in the LCA....and inaddition to that i also get a perdiem every month for my living expenses at client place (apt,food)
  9. netflixmovies

    Per diem

  10. netflixmovies

    Per diem

    Guys, share your H1 stamping interview exp's with perdiem on paystubs. What q's can be asked and what are the appropriate answers ?
  11. Are you sure that your date is on 12th oct at vancouver?
  12. Give me2days...i will let u know for sure
  13. Hey rocky, i have date on 24th oct. Ready to swap the dates.
  14. netflixmovies

    Sharing accommodation: Interview on OCT 24th in Vancouver

    Hi...i also have on the same date. I'm interested in your ad.