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  1. I am also at the same situation my h1 is filed in premium processing and receipt was not generated yet, if I don't get my receipt by tommorow will it be regular processing? since uscis is shutting down premium processing
  2. 221g Administrative processing mean physican panel? If so you don't have to go through that process this time, but take at least 3-4 week vacation
  3. wimpykid519

    Port of Entry issues after 1/27 Ban?

    @Diablovox, They will ask few questions about DUI And let you go based on your DUI seriousness, but not sure what's going on now on this new rules.
  4. wimpykid519

    Visa revocation out of DUI?

    @Mani_Ravi if you mention your DUI in visa application and complete physican pannel checks you should be ok, this revocation is for the folks who got DUI after getting visa stamped
  5. wimpykid519

    passport submitted 20 days back after 221g for DUI...

    hi h1bissues, did you get your passport back? how long it took to get it, i am also on same boat so
  6. wimpykid519

    DUI - stamping at Hyderabad

    Hey LostinBtw, Any update on your case ? I attended my h1b stamping in Ottawa Canada Feb 24 , and referred to pannel physician and submitted my reports in person on Feb 27 and no documents asked just my reports and passport and still its in Admin Processing till date. is there any update on your case? did you got approval?
  7. wimpykid519

    H1B stamping Vancouver Feb 24

    I have accommodation in Days Inn next to consulate, please email me if anyone intrested
  8. wimpykid519

    Looking for accommodation @Vancouber from Feb 23.

    Vijay, I am looking for accommodation too please fwd your email
  9. wimpykid519

    H1B stamping Vancouver Feb 24

    Anyone have appointment on Feb 24
  10. wimpykid519

    H1B stamping at vancouver richmond on Feb 24th.

    hey dheeraj, I have an appointment on the same day please send me your email id
  11. wimpykid519

    H1B Stamping on Oct 7 @Vancover

    sent you my details to your yahoo id
  12. wimpykid519

    H1B Stamping on Oct 7 @Vancover

    Sorry Oct 14 @Vancover
  13. wimpykid519

    H1B Stamping on Oct 7 @Vancover

    Anyone have an appointment on Oct 7 @ Vancover?
  14. wimpykid519

    H1B Stamping on June 9@Vancover

    sure man, I cant see ur e-mail id..it's like ***********
  15. wimpykid519

    H1B Stamping on June 9@Vancover

    @aug27, I am coming to Vancouver on June 7