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  1. sirjadeja

    Matamoras visa appointment H1B

    Dates are available from 2nd week of August now
  2. sirjadeja

    Need Visa Dates Info for Matamoros

    No dates are available in July. Dates are available from August 2nd week.
  3. sirjadeja

    Appearing for Visa in Hyd.

    latest available date is in August last week as of today
  4. sirjadeja

    H1B Stamping in Matamoros experience

    why is that so?
  5. sirjadeja

    Matamoras visa appointment H1B

    No dates are available right now. I don't see any dates opening from past few dates for Matamoros
  6. Thanks guys. Now that the Premium Processing is back, I'm asking my Employer B to apply my petition in PP.
  7. No. Not yet. I'm still working for Employer A and will be working for Employer A until I get my H1B approved with Employer B. Appreciatre your response.
  8. Hello guys, I have a stamped H1B Petition from Employer A till March 2020 and now I applied my H1B Transfer through Employer B, 2 days ago... Now that Premium processing has been put on hold, I'm expecting it will take a while to get the petition approved. Meanwhile, Can I travel to India with my Old petition while my H1b Transfer is in Process?
  9. sirjadeja

    Visa fee payment for Matamoros, Mexico

    hi venkat, can u send me the email as well? thanks
  10. sirjadeja

    Query about Family Information - DS160

    That should be fine. Just answer 'Yes'.
  11. sirjadeja

    Tijuana Stamping experience - June 26/27

    Thanks for sharing
  12. sirjadeja

    Matamoros 10/11 July - Anyone?

    Hey Prash ... Whats your email id? Are you taking Salvador Services as well?
  13. sirjadeja

    Matamoros 10/11 July - Anyone?

    All the dates are available except July 4th as Prash said ..
  14. Hello All, I'm going for Visa stamping to Matamoros on 10/11 of July. If anyone going on the same dates, please let me know .. Thanks!