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  1. Thanks A lot for the reply
  2. Hello, Currently I am a full time employee. I had my I140 Approved with my previous employer. My current H1B expires in 2018 August. My current employer would not initiate my PERM until 2020. I am aware that in order to get extension beyond 6 years I have to have I140 approved. But Should that I140 be from the same employer with whom I am working or could it can be from previous employer. ? Someone please let me know the criteria for H1B extension beyond 3 years. Thanks,
  3. @ Kalyan, I had my visa interview in Shanghai ,China. The process here is different. They send our passports to a designated local banks & only way you could track them is through ustraveldocs.com. DO you have any suggestion from your side? I was actually given the Pink slip, VO took my resume & Client letter, gave back my passport.
  4. I had my Visa appointment on 10th September, VO said he needs more time to decide my case, My passport was returned back & was put on administrative processing. On 16th I got a mail from Consulate asking me to submit my passport. I had submitted my passport to the consulate on 17th. But I see the status of my Visa was updated on 18th September & still says " Administrative processing" . I am confused if my Visa is approved Or still under processing? If processing why should they ask for my passport? Can anyone please help?
  5. dsk1978

    221 G - Chennai, Sep 2013

    Received an E-mail from consulate asking me to submit my passport. It says " Your visa application is in the final approval stage. please submit the passport". but the status still shows "Administrative Processing". I have submitted my Passport. What does this mean? can anyone help please.
  6. dsk1978

    221 G - Chennai, Sep 2013

    @fortyversions & Gitasankar Any updates from your side please? Dsk
  7. dsk1978

    221 G - Chennai, Sep 2013

    So as me. I had received 221G Pink slip on 10th September. Working on EC model. VO took my Client letter & Resume. The Status still show administrative processing. At this point we could just only pray.Please update the latest development. Dsk