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  1. Hi, I am planning for my second time H1B stamping with EMPLOYER B (FullTime). First time got it done in Toronto Canada with EMPLOYER A (EVC Model) Which location is best/less risky for my situation Home country (HYD,INDIA), Mexico, Jamaica or Canada ? Any Suggestions Please. Thanks!
  2. vinayH1

    Successful stamping @Toronto on 21st OCT.

    I dont see any issue, because 2 weeks before, my Lawyer has sent a copy of my petition along with my approved I797 to PIMS to update their database. But i dont know whether they updated or not, And i didnt even get any note like"NO PIMS Verification".But she took my I797 along with my passport, I dont know the reason for the delay.
  3. vinayH1

    Successful stamping @Toronto on 21st OCT.

    Yes, I am from Electrical Background so she asked me that question, but some how i managed to convince her.
  4. Hi All, Thanks for the admins and the Users for making this forum very useful. I had my visa interview Oct 21st, 8am. Everything went smooth, all formalities took 45 mins, Actual Interview was 10 mins and I was granted the visa. By 9:05am I was out. 1. Went to the counter to get my passport and DS 160 confirmation page in a blue folder and he stamped a seal on the confirmation page. 2. Went to the counter and have given the latest I 797 and got the token number. 3. Finger prints were collected. 4. A Chinese (Non-Indian Asian) lady was the VO and asked few questions related to, my company, what do they do, what is my role and responsibilities, Who is my end client, what do i do there. how long was I employed by the company and She asked about how my masters is related to what i am doing now. Then she verified some information on the computer and said that the VISA is APPROVED and i will get an email in 3-5 business days. She gave me a white paper which has the details of collection of my passport. But till now I dont see any update on https://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/p , not even as pending status. Does any one know how long it will take to status to turn "ready for pickup" in Brampton,Toronto ??
  5. Hey Dilip, Congrats, Even mine was the same situation.My Interview was on 21st Oct. Hopefully they will return I797 with Passport. Btw did you get your doc's back?? How long does it take loomis to update the https://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/ ?? Mine is not showing any update :( I have to find a new accomdation to stay more. Please help me with your info. *********************
  6. Hi All, I have a visa interview date on Oct 21st @Toronto consulate. Please let me know if somebody has/needs accommodation to share for that period (20-23). Thanks, Vinay.
  7. Dude, Thanks for posting this. Mine is same background as you. But I thank myself after reading your post. Because I made my license recently of my current state after working here for 15 months, which I was postponing from many months. Thank god you got your visa, otherwise it would have been rejected just for a silly mistake. You were smart enough to convince him by showing your Leasing docs. Congrats...
  8. Hi, I have a visa interview date on Oct21st @Toronto consulate. Please let me know if somebody has/needs accommodation to share for that period (20-23). Thanks, Vinay.
  9. vinayH1

    Toronto H1b visa stamping 30th September

    Hi Amit, Pls share your experience and accomadation details, since I have an interview on 21st oct.
  10. vinayH1

    Client Letter

    Thanks Jairichi, Sorry for the late response.
  11. Mine is same situation as yours, client letter is 6 months old, I am still working for that client from last 17months, I am planning to go for stamping on OCT 21st. Pls share your experience , once you are done.
  12. vinayH1

    Client Letter

    Hi All, I am working in EVC Model. While applying for H1B in APR, I submitted 3 letters from each. Now my client refused to give letters to any contractor. But my vendor & employer issued me a letter with client name and Location mentioned in it. Is it OK, to go for stamping,With the client letter issued in March and recent vendor & employer letters?? This is my first time for H1B visa stamp. Background with MS degree. I have all other documents and planning to go in OCT. And please let me know "what is travel letter"??, if someone could fwd a template, will be appreciated. Thanks...
  13. vinayH1

    Visa Stamping on OCT 7th Toranto Canada

    Even I am planning for that call me @******************** to discuss further.