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  1. Earnest

    221G Green in Toronto July 29

    Just picked my passport at embassy , it got the stamp.
  2. Earnest

    221G Green in Toronto July 29

    Hi I got a confirmation on Sept 14 to submit withing 90 days on the email. I just submitted the passport yesterday, they said visa is approved and gave a receipt and told me to pick up the passport today.
  3. Earnest

    221G Green in Toronto July 29

    @Univer Thank you, i am planning to comeback again , so will see how it goes , do you know within how many days should we submit the passport when they ask for us to do so? Can i stay an extra week in India if they asked for the passport?
  4. Earnest

    221G Green in Toronto July 29

    Hi my "Case Update Date: " Changed to 12-Sept-2013 , but status is still in AP , do you guys know why it happens?
  5. Earnest

    221G @Toronto - 11 September 2013 - Fulltime

    I think mine is the same situation, it has been 6 weeks since i submitted all the docs they asked for ; my interview was on July 29 and docs were submitted on July 31.
  6. Earnest

    221G Green in Toronto July 29

    @Rahul Sorry i didn't make my statement clear; i am not talking about interview fee; what i am saying is i can fly back to Canada for stamping(i.e to submit the passport) , but not for re appearing the interview and again waiting for the decision another week or two in Canada.
  7. Earnest

    221G Green in Toronto July 29

    I don't mind coming from India to submit passport, but will they ask me to attend interview again? that would be too costly.
  8. Earnest

    221G Green in Toronto July 29

    @221GSeconInterview did you come from India to submit passport or for interview again?
  9. Hello I was give a 221G Green slip on July 29 after attending the interview; i am on EVC model and MS in US. After 2 days i got a email on July 31 asking for all the documents which submitted for H1B. I submitted everything including client letter, vendor and employer letters and employer details etc. after a week , they contacted my client manager on Aug 9 and confirmed my employment. Since then i didn't have a reply and and have no clue whats going on their side, its been a month since they contacted client and i don't know what are they waiting for.Here are my concerns and questions. -> I have my passport with me and a multiple entry visa to Canada, is it ok to leave for India and come back when summoned. -> My original I797 is with consulate, should i ask them for it and take back with me to India, will they need it? or will i need it for entering canada again(Just to show purpose), please do suggest. -> Is it a good idea to withdraw petition from toronto and apply again in india so that i wont need to travel back here? -> And finally i hardly saw anybody getting 221G green slip in these forums; is it a bad thing? Please do let me know your thoughts or any further questions reg my situation.