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  1. sdhadvs

    H-4 EADs

    Dear Attorney, I am on H1B with company A and I have an approved I-140. I am planning to transfer my H1 to company B and they would file fro my green card again. If the H4 EAD becomes a reality will my be eligible to apply even if my new company has not started my greencard process? or does she need to wait till I get my new I-140 from company B to get approved? I am on h1 visa since 2005. Thanks
  2. sdhadvs

    H4 to H1 conversion help

    Hi, I have a question about converting from H4 to H1. I got my H1 in 2009 and I worked for about an year before converting to H4 status due to health reasons. My h1 was approved till Nov 2012. Now I would like to work again and if I find a job, can I still activate my old H1 even though it was expired last year? If so do I need to apply through the same employer or any employer can sponsor me? Please help. Thanks in advance
  3. sdhadvs

    H4 to H1 conversion help

    Thanks for the reply jairichi