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  1. ramu1246

    Travel when H4 is applied

    Thanks jairichi, one more question is it okay to travel after applying H4 EAD
  2. ramu1246

    Travel when H4 is applied

    I'm applying my H1B extension along with my spouse H4. She have H4 visa stamped till July 2015. Does it affect her H4 application if she travel to India and come back while it is still under processing. Thanks, Ramu
  3. Spoke to Jamaican consulate customer care, they said All the H1B visa appointments are cancelled for reminder of 2014. I told him that I haven't received any cancellation email, he said even if I don't receive the cancellation email still they cannot process H1B visas
  4. @new2jamaica Do you know if it is possible to change the DS 160 application by calling Jamaican U S consulate Customer care
  5. Hi guys, I have my visa interview in Jamaica on November 2014. I have already subitted the DS 160 form with incorrect Date of Birth. I'm not able to update my DS 160 form in the visa appointment page. I have created a new DS 160 form. How can I change the DS 160 form number in the visa appoointment page. Any suggestions!!! Thanks, Ramu
  6. Thanks for clarifying my doubt
  7. Hi all, I'm trying to create a account for my H1B visa interview. What should I fill in the following: Is applicant renewing the visa? Yes or No Visa Issue Date Visa Expiry Date I got my first visa stamped in Vancouver in October 2013 which expired in August 2014. This is my second visa interview. My wife is attending the visa with me, she is on H4 visa. Can dependents on H4 visa attend the visa interview on the same time slot. Thanks, Ramu
  8. Hi, I'm trying to create profile for H1 visa interview appointment in Jamaica. Is the applicant renewing a Visa? Visa issue date Visa expiration date What should be the answer here. I have my first H1B visa stamped in Vancover last year which expired this August. This will be my 2nd H1B visa interview. I need one more clarification. Can dependents attend the visa interview in Jamaica. My wife is attending the interview with me, she is on H4 visa. Thanks, Ramu
  9. Hi guys, I donot have an Offer Letter with my current employer, is it okay to submit a Employment Verification Letter instead of an Offer Letter. Thanks, Raja
  10. I used to work for Employer 'A', after 7 months changed my Employer 'B' but working for the same client. Working on EC model now. How could I defend the change of employer in H1B visa interview. I changed my employer while I was on OPT. Thanks, Raja