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  1. ksainni

    Issued 221 (g) at hyderabad

    Hi, Is it H1b renewal or new h1b or F1 to H1? Post all details here so that experts can provide you more inputs.
  2. Hi, I am traveling to India on 22nd of Nov from SFO to Hyderabad.Please let me know if anyone need help as companion. Flight:United Airlines from SFO to Washington DC and washington DC to Dubai Dubai to Hyderabad Duration of Journey:29hr.
  3. Hi Guys, One more successful story from Calgary!!Everything is completed in 1hr.This is my second H1B extension.Today we saw 20 Indian ppl for H1b stamping.(Most of them got approved) I had appointment@8AM,reached embassy by 7.30AM. First security check -10Min Second Security Check and gave Serial number -5min Fingerprints --10Min max Final Round -:),Vo is is cool lady,below are the questions. 1)Who is your employer? Ans:XYZ 2)How long your are working with this employer? Ans:Since XYZ Date(around 2year) 3)Are you returning to work in USA? Ans:Yes 4)are you working at client location or employer location? Ans:Client Location 5)For which client you are working for? Ans:XYZ 6)what do you do for client? And :Explained my role. 7)Does your employer pay on time? Ans:Yes 8)any problems with employer? Ans:No 9)Highest degree? Ans:Masters in Chemistry ( I said as i have bachelors in Computers). 10)from where and which university you completed masters? Ans:India and XYZ university. 11)I am approving your Visa? Ans:tnx -:) All the best guys!! and thanks to Murthyforum which brought all us on same page!! krish
  4. ksainni

    East or west calgary is th BEST

    Congrats!!! When they asked as where do you stay,did you tell your home address? or office address or just City & state?
  5. ksainni

    Visa stamping Dec 12th - Calgary

    Hi, I have appointment on same date,Please let me know if you want to share accommodation,we are two present ,if you like join with us please email me.get my email from profile
  6. Hi, Hotel room accommodation is available on Nov-10 & Nov-11 please let me know if any one looking for. its in Days Inn which is near to USA Consulate. Thanks., krish
  7. Hi, I am going to travel from SFO to Hyderabad on 16th Nov-13,please let me know if anyone need companion i would love to help. Thanks., Krishna
  8. ksainni

    Calgary - Accomodation for NOV 13th

    Hi Guys, I have an appointment on 12th of Nov,we can share accommodation please send me details to krishna dot sainni at gmail dot com.
  9. ksainni

    Visa interview-Calgary-Nov 14th

    Hi Guys, I have appointment on 12th of Nov in Calgary,please let me know if anyone have accommodation from 11th Nov.My email address is ************** at gmail dot com.
  10. ksainni

    Calgary Visa Centre

    Calgory is best palce to get visa stamped,i am planning to go there,keep in touch
  11. Hi, I am also planning to book slot on end of OCT,Please send me details ****************at gmail dot com. I'll contact you guys and we can share accommodation and have a fun. Thanks., krishna
  12. Hi All, I am going to attend H1B visa stamping at calgary on 28th-Oct-13,Please let reply if anyone has same appointment date or near by date.Please send me email if any one contact to me. krishna.sainniatgmaildotcom Thanks., Krishna