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  1. My dear Friend, The only way is say the truth that you got laid off that should be fine but make sure ur employer pays you i means runs ur pay-stub. The rule on H1b if ur employed ur employer should pay u. You have got 30 days to get another job go for it my friend as your experienced it is not that difficult. Now the situation has changed with immigration officers. If they are making checks on you they might do it frequently until your status changes that is I-140. Iam telling u this as this was said to my wife from an immigration officer who visited her office just to check if info what her employer submitted during her H1B was genuine.
  2. bar123

    Updating the submitted DS160 Form

    Hi, I did the same way when i realized that i made a mistake in my already submitted ds160. I did call to visa info center in usa before doing so and they said the procedure what i was doing was indeed the right procedure for DS160.
  3. Hi , My interview was on 23sep2013. On 19sep2013 i realized that i made a mistake regarding my name in ds160. What i did was i filled in a newds160 and resubmitted it and updated my new ds 160 apllication id after loging in into my account. Remember to do that before 3 days of your visa interview date. As far as iam concerned you cannot view once you have submitted ur form Hope this helps
  4. Dear All, I wanted to share my interview experience at Ottowa Canada consulate. My Interview was at 10:30 A.M on 23SEP2013 I went to interview at 10.00 am after the security check i went inside and the guy at the counter took my passport , i-797, and DS-160 Later i was called for ten print which is finger printing of all fingers then i waited almost 2 hours for my number to be called for the actual interview Actual Interview Vo: good morning Me : good morning officer Vo: Where did u do you masters Me: XXxx Vo: Do you like the city where you did your masters Me: i said it was small town with good people and less number ,away from city life which is actually good for studying. VO: which company are you working for ME: XXX VO: Do you like the work environment Me: Absolutely , i love working there VO: Can you tell me your day to day activities at work Me: I told how my day goes at work actually about my work responsibilities and he said iam convinced. Vo: he was then silent for about 15 secs looking at his computer and then golden words " Visa approved " u can pick up you passport within 3-4 business days. Today i got an update saying that my passport is ready for pickup. This is my first H1B visa stamping and iam a full time employee. Thank Bar123
  5. Hi IHAM, you can contact me at **********
  6. Hi i have mine on 23sep as well
  7. Hi Iham, I have visa appointment on 23 as well. Please let me know how can contact you
  8. I have my interview on 23SEP2013 as well. can you email me
  9. Hi iam going as well . My interview is on 23sep2013. can you contact me