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  1. Hi, I have filed for my H1-B extension last year in December. My visa expired 10 days ago. I was just applying for my grandmothers visitor visa and noticed that the passport I had on file was not the up-to-date one(meaning, it does not have the most recent visa stamp or the travel info). I am not certain on how to get this rectified. Has anyone been in this situation before? What are my potential options? Is it true that USCIS is rejecting applications on the basis of insufficient documentation? Any insights will be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Will have to request the consulate to allow either one of my parents to attend the interview along with my sister. Generally, they grant such requests, as long as we provide proof of her disability.
  3. @Pontevecchio, I had the doctor certificate but no travel insurance. It really did not matter even if you had these documents as my parents/sister was not given a chance to provide the VO with appropriate documentation.
  4. Hi mmss, My parents and sister attended the visa interview on June 14th, in Hyderabad. I have selected Language option for the interview. My parents were approved. Unfortunately, my sister got refused. Here's how the interview went: Questions to my Father: What do you do(to my father)? Where are you going? Where does your daughter work? How long will you stay? Only one question to my Sister: What do you do? And then it was mentioned to them that Parents got the visa and Sister was denied. No other documents were asked or checked. My parents had all the medical documents supporting my sister's situation. I suggest you reach out to Murthy Law firm and build a strong case so you don't have to go through the same experience. I am planning to do the same. Hope this helps!
  5. Hi, I am trying to fill DS 160 application forms for both my parents (Father w/ Agriculture background and Mother as Homemaker) and my adult sibling w/ down syndrome for B2 visa. Few questions I have: I need to fill separate applications for all three. While making a visa appointment do I have to make three separate one's or is there an option to tag three applications to one appointment? After reading the forum I understand that sponsorship does not really weigh in much in regards to visitors visa, when we need to show ties to the home country, what should be kept in mind? In case of my sister, she does not have education and she is not employed. However she gets a stipend from Govt. every month due to her disability. I am planning to show the Govt. certificate that certifies her condition in case of her documentation. Is there anything else I need to consider? I have been warned that due to my siblings condition, there may be chance of all three getting their visa rejected. Is it advisable to have my parents and siblings interview on different dates? Appreciate your time and response. Best!
  6. @Blissful, Got an email from Loomis in the evening today. Hoping to pick up my Passport tomorrow.
  7. My status just got updated to ISSUED.
  8. @reddy, thanks for the update. Good Luck. @Blissful - any updates on your end?
  9. sheela03

    Female roomates for Oct 15th Ottawa stamping

    @Blissful, Just saw your message. Yes, I am staying near the Byward Market. Haven't heard anything yet. Did you?
  10. @Reddy, did you get an email from Loomis? or Pick up your Passport?
  11. Thanks for your update reddy. @Blissful - No change from my end. Do let me know if you have any updates.
  12. @Blissful and Reddy, did you receive any email from Loomis to pick up the PP?
  13. @Blissful and Reddy thanks for sharing. Did you reach out the consulate to find out about the printer difficulties/short of staff?
  14. Hi, I have had my Visa Interview in Ottawa on Oct 14th as well. Had my interview at 9:30. Reached at the embassy at 9:00. They let me in. As soon as you enter, an older lady checks your passport, DS 160 confirmation and I-797. Then you go thru the security check. There are 2 counters where you will provide the above mentioned documents and get ten printed. There were only two windows open for interview. I had mine with the lady VO. Interview: VO: What company do you work for? Me: XYZ VO: Frist H1-B with the employer ME: Said no and explained VO: What is you do? ME: XXX VO: What are your job responsibilities? Me: Simple explanation VO: What is your annual salary? Me: Said I make XXX VO: your visa is approved and will get an email when the passport is ready. Important note is to be prepared , confident and answer to the point. Waiting for my passport. Good Luck!
  15. sheela03

    Female roomates for Oct 15th Ottawa stamping

    @Blissful Glad to know you are interested. I am booking my tickets & looking for a hotel which is 0.3 miles from the embassy. I have my interview on 15th @ 9:30 AM. My duration at this point is until Monday i.e., 10/19 provided I get my passport back.