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  1. h1biotech

    Applying H4EAD immediately after I-140 approval.

    I am not sure about this my friend.
  2. h1biotech

    EAD renewal submitted - Time to get receipt #

    A 3 to 5 working days normally after they receive the application
  3. h1biotech

    Applying H4EAD immediately after I-140 approval.

    You can apply as you have Approved I 140 I 94 Online Copy No Need of pay stubs for H4 EAD. If I attach any extra supporting documents/evidences that are not listed on USCIS checklist then would it have any negative impact? I dont think so
  4. h1biotech

    Two I797's Which one to use for H4 EAD

    I think if you apply with new i 797 which is starting from May. The issue date on H4 EAD also will start valid from May 2016 and expiry date as 2018. I guess it is like this but not sure. Please update if you have already applied.
  5. While applying your spouse should be in USA. but after applying your spouse can travel not an issue.
  6. h1biotech

    H1 to H4 EAD Fastest way.

    I think you can go for premium in option 2
  7. h1biotech

    DS160 Receipt number query

    You can wait and submit the new i797 receipt number as you are attending to stamping in July and the current i 797 is valid in July
  8. h1biotech

    Approved I 797 or I 129 for H4 EAD

    Thanks Rahul
  9. h1biotech

    Approved I 797 or I 129 for H4 EAD

    Hi Friends, Quick Question for applying H4 EAD Is approved I 797 is enough or do we need to send I-129 and LCA as well for applying to H4 EAD? Thank you.
  10. h1biotech

    When to Apply for H4 EAD

    Hi Dear Murthy Forum Members, need some information on my situation mentioned below for H4 EAD application process. I have approved I 140. My H1 is approved until July 2018. However i have an amendment applied in regular process last month which is still in applied stage at USCIS. (it might take 5 months to get approved) My wife is on H4 just arrived last week. 1. Can I apply H4 EAD for her now? Or is there anything like to wait for some number of days and then only can apply? 2. Can i use the I 797 which already have the approved one with expiry date of July 2018? 3. Should i also provide the amendment Receipt copy along with the application? 4. Does the amendment process affect the H4 EAD? 5. I see that $380 is the fee amount in H1bwiki. Please confirm if its right Your response is appreciated. Thanks in Advance.
  11. h1biotech

    H1B amendment status pending, can I file for H4 EAD?

    So what could be the expiration date on the H4 EAD then ? Does it give the expiration date same as H4 expiration date (the previous I 797 expiration date) ?
  12. h1biotech

    Question on Drop box eligibility

    Sorry March 10 2016*
  13. h1biotech

    Question on Drop box eligibility

    I think before march 10 2015 you will be eligible for drop box. And not after that
  14. h1biotech

    Can i go Chennai consulate?

    yes you can go to Chennai and Carry all the documents which shows proof of employment