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  1. Hi, I was holding H1B visa from 2009 to 2015 and then changed my status to L2. I am currently working in US with L2 EAD since my spouse is holding L1B visa. I hardly have any months left in the old H1B. Given the scenario, is it possible to apply for new H1B for 2018 quota while in US. Kindly clarify.
  2. Hi, I am in L1-B status with I-94 expiry date of Jan 2018, at this point I need to decide whether to extend L1B or convert to L1A. 1. How good are the chances of getting L1A approval? 2. If L1A is rejected will I be able to apply for L1B extension? 3. Will there be any negative impact when I apply for L1B extension immediately following L1A rejection? 4. Also, I have Approved I-140 under EB2 with March 2020 priority data. What is the best option to continue my stay beyond 2020 (L1B Maxout period) Appreciate your input.
  3. joshuaraj

    L1 - Port of entry

    Hi folks, I am travelling to USA on L1A visa with my family on L2 visa...what are the questions I need to expect at POE? I am also hearing that, the POE interview will be over in Abu Dhabi or Dubai before even landing USA, if I have stop in between my trip...is it true? Has anybody undergone this new process?
  4. Hi, I currently hold L1 B and my husband is on L2 EAD which is valid until Oct 2017. My employer is planning to convert my visa from L to H which means my husbands status will also change to H4. My employer will file the H4 for my spouse and EAD will be filed by me. 1. My question is can my husband work while we wait for the EAD approval? 2. If I convert my L1B to L1A will he be able to continue his work without any issues? L1 B Valid Until - Mar 2018 L2 Valid Until - Mar 2018 L2 EAD Valid Until - Oct 2017 Also note that I have I-140 approved under EB2 with Mar 2011 PD. What is the best option for me to be able to use I-140 beyond my L1B validity without disturbing my spouse job. Thanks in advance for your valuable advice.
  5. joshuaraj

    H1B to L2 COS Queries

    Hi All, I have a bunch of questions about my current visa situation. It would be really very helpful if I could get reliable advice from a immigration expert. Appreciate your help !! My current scenario I was working for employer A on H1B and resigned by job on May 6th 2015. L2(My wife is on L1B) was filed on April 23rd 2015 and currently pending with USCIS. My 6 year H1B term ends by May 17 2015. Based on the PERM approval with my previous employer I got I797 extention/I94 was valid until June 2016. Previous employer would have now filed for withdrawal or would have already withdrawn my H1B petition. Per my second last extention filed in 2013, I797/I94 validity was until May 17th 2015. Now, here are my questions 1. Can I legally stay in US until USCIS makes decision on my I539 COS (H1B to L2)?? 2. I keep hearing about long processing time, is there any law that would not let me stay beyond certain timeframe (180 days, 240 days, etc)?? Could you give me more details on this? 3. Once the employer has withdrawn the H1B petition, will the latest I797 & I94 become invalid?? In that case should I consider my previous I94 date as my expiry date (May 17th 2015)?? 4. L2 COS was filed by my spouse's employer and it was filed with Vermont centre (April 23rd 2015) and subsequently EAD was filed by me on (May 13th 2015) and it is filed in Texas centre. Is there any issue because its filed in two different centres? Will they be able to match the L2 COS and EAD petitions? Thanks for your valuable advice. Joshuaraj
  6. joshuaraj

    Quitting job while I-140 is in progress

    I am planning to move from company A to B; my former company A has initiated GC(EB2) processing for me, and I am waiting for I-140 approval. I need few clarifications related to this: 1) What will happen to the I-140 approval and GC process? Will it be affected when I quit company A and move to company B? 2) Do I need to restart my GC processing again with company B? 3) Will my prority date(PD) be affected due this?
  7. joshuaraj

    H1B to L2 Conversion queries

    Hi, I am currently on H1B and working, I want to move to L2(EAD) and start working with a new employer. I would like to know - 1. Since I cant work on L2, when should I leave the job? Once the petition is filed or after the approval? 2. In case if the L2 COS is rejected, will my existing H1B get impacted? 3. My current employer has filed I-140 petition and it is under processing. At this stage, if I change the employer what happens to my I-140? Can the approved PERM and pending I-140 be ported, once I start with a new employer? If yes, what documents are required to be obtained from the present employer? 4. Should I apply for I 539 and I765 at the same time or after L2 approval? Which is better? 5. If applied simultaneously, How long does it take from Change of status to EAD approval - The time when I will be unable to work and how to minimize that? 6. How long will it take for to obtain EAD? 7. Is there any chances/reasons EAD could not be obtained? Appreciate your responses. Thanks!!
  8. joshuaraj

    H1-B stamping and Passport renewal

    Actually I have mentioned one of the dates for my travel wrongly...I will be traveling to India in Dec 2013...
  9. Hi there I have few questions on my H1B stamping and passport renewal...My Indian passport expires on Oct 2014 and I have my approved I-797 for my H1B visa until May 2015...I will be traveling to India in Dec 2014 for stamping; should I need to renew my passport before that? (The concern that I have is my visa (I797) validity date, is more that my passport validity date) Will my visa be approved until the last date of I797 or until my last day of current passport? Kindly clarify. Regards Joshua