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  1. Hi Guys,


    My Final Timeline. Total wait time 111 days.


    Oct 9th - Interview gave 221g (EVC model and 1st H1) and said have to do employer verification and took pay stubs and tax documents.

    Oct 16th - First Update

    Oct 20th - Requested to submit End Client Letter

    Oct 21st - Submitted letter in person at consulate. Same day they called my client manager at around 4:30 PM and he missed the call

    Oct 22nd - He called back and they enquired about me and my client manager gave them a very positive review about me.


    After this update i didn't had any updates for so long. I went to consulate couple of times but they were not helpful.


    Dec 4th - I left to india for wedding, 

    Dec 10th - Employer sent a letter requesting status and they got same routine response about they cannot control pace of case and said its still pending

    Dec 15th - Employeer contacted local senator and the senator's office followed up with Department of State and also Consulate

    Dec 16th - Second Update

    Dec 23rd - Third Update

    Jan 16th - I came back to canada

    Jan 21st - visited consulate and they told me case is in final stages and might be finished in a week or two.

    Jan 28th - got clearance email at 9:30 AM EST and submitted passport same day at 1:30 PM EST

    Jan 30th - Got loomis waybill number at 11:30 PM EST

    Jan 31st - Picked up passport and entered USA same day.


    All the best guys. 

  2. My friend today had interview in Jamaica. He is EVC model and did masters in chemical engineering. Right now working as Progammer Analyst. His visa is approved without much questions asked. I am very happy for him and at the same time very pissed off about Toronto consulate processing. This doesn't make any sense. I reached 40 days today.

  3. I have my interview in Toronto on 27th. Damn I am scared reading your experince.

    Are you all EVC model or Is there any FT employees aswell?



    I am in EVC. EVC, TAL and 1st time H1B (opt to H1) are mostly 221g's. But every case is different and you might get it without any hassle. Just have to hope for the best. 


    Hi Fellow H-1B's


    I attended my VISA on 5th NOV 2013 @ TORONTO.


    My VISA officer is a lady & she asked me few questions, & then asked about my research work during my masters. I told every thing related to my work and then she asked my resume, I provided the soft copy of it. Later she asked me my I-20's and she verified and then she talked with some one in the office & later issued a yellow and green slip. 

    These are 221G forms, they asked me to send me the details concerning the exact nature of your field of study/research, CV, list of publications & source of funding. I send my Resume hard copy & publications to the email that was given to me.


    I did my masters in Computer Science & did my thesis in Visual cryptography (which deals with security)


    My question to you is -


    1) Does any one came out with same scenario like this ?


    2) How long is the processing time ?


    I see @heuristix, @Sneha12, @manoh1b, @Alien99 -- all are in the same boat. Any information ?


    Please share the information, it will be helpful for me. I 'm so tensed.





    No need to get tensed. you will get your visa but have to wait untill their admin process is done. you can do nothing but wait for the emails. Right now average wait times are around 4-5 weeks but you never know, you case can end sooner. wishing you the best and keep updating here. 

  5. @ Kalyan, Cukegene and F1studentOPT -


    I attended H1B @ Toronto  on 17th Oct and They issues 221G without many question.

    I recieved an email on 21st requesting for Client Letter. I did that and not the WAITING GAME is on.


    Will keep you all posted if any update

    My situation is same as yours. my interview was on 9th, they asked client letter on 21st and called client manager the next day when i submitted letter in person. 

  6. All:


    yesterday at 4:59 PM i got the clearance email. i am told to appear in person at the consulate on any Tuesday or Thursday between 1 and 2:30 before 90 days from the receipt of email.


    i sincerely wish everyone of you get the email soon.... i for sure understand how hard and painful it is.... but dont loose hope. just relax and try to have fun ...

    all the best! :) 

    Congrats Kalyan..finally !!! What was the email content ? Does it say approval in the email ? Which email address did it come from?? TRTNIV@state.gov ?


    Hi Kalyan,

    This morning I had H1B visa interview @ Toronto and I received a 221G (Green + Yellow) on my Education. VO needs more  "details concerning the exact nature of my field of study/research, CV, List of publications & source of funding". What surprises me is I did my bachelors and masters in computer science and working in IT and i still received this !! What is your education stream ?? VO(chinees young lady) didnt even ask me a single document at the time of interview!!
    May I know what did you submit for this 221G ??? And how long it took for them to send an email asking for your passport ??? I am just wondering if i should travel back to india or stay back in toonto !???


    I was interviewed by the same lady. She didn't ask me anything during interview but later i got email after two weeks to submit client letter.

  8. I have a question regarding the visa stamping. If we get 221g and get stuck in Canada, and we lose our job in the meantime in EVC model, is there still chance of getting our case cleared and visa approved? Since my project is ending in Jan and if I go to the visa stamping in dec, is it advisable to take the risk?

    If in case you get 221g, since you are in EVC model there is very high probability they ask you the client letter and contact client. Which place are you planning to go ?