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  1. Thank you every one for this blog, which helped me with my interview ... Below is my visa experience... My appointment was at 9:30, I reached consulate at 8. Security person asked me to stop by 15 Min's before appointment time.Stood in the line at 9:15, security checked my file and let me in. on 2nd floor, they did verified the file again and did body scan.Entered the waiting room and on left side of the room at Counter 8, we need to submit our documents(Passport, DS-160 Conformation, I-797 1st Page) and they will keep the documents with them to feed the data into system and will give us the token number.After waiting for 10 Mins, my token was called for scanning my finger prints on the right side of the room Counter 2. At this counter they will even give back your documents(Passport, DS-160 Conformation, I-797 1st Page) and will ask to go back, sit and wait for our token to be called for interview on 20th floor.After 20 Mins my token number was called to go to 20th floor. I moved towards lift and security accompanied us to 20th floor. Again waited for 15 Min on 20th floor and I was called to counter 3 for my Interview. Questions: - Good Morning ANS: Good Morning and given him my documents. - Is this your first H1 ANS: Yes - Have you worked on OPT before ANS: Yes, I am still on OPT and my H1 start on Oct 1st - Which university are you from ANS: Answered - Do you have client ANS: Yes, and given name - Asked for Client Letter -What is your client do ANS: answered - Asked for LCA -How much is your employer paying you ANS: answered -Do you have any issues with employer ANS: No -Is there any dependent on your application(He is asking regarding my wife that I mentioned on DS 160) ANS: Answered -Looking at computer and typing for 5 Mins - Told me that my Visa is approved and given me sheet to track my passport and told me that it will take 5 days to get passport. Finally after coming back home, checked the status of my Visa Status and it is in "Administrative Processing". Waiting for my status to be changed and for email about my passport.
  2. rajaH1Visa

    Visa status updated to Administrative processing

    I had my Visa interview on 20th @ Vancouver which was approved by VO and seeing the status as "Administrative Process"
  3. rajaH1Visa

    Online Canada visitor visa processing time

    @kkandra: Now a days it taking a month and less for Canada Visa if it is send by post and for online it took even less time. No need to worry about your appointment in Nov... you will get it for sure by then. @ashley1986: WeWe need to send our passport through USPS (Express/Priority) along with that we need to place a return cover (Express/Priority) so that they will send it back in that and you will have the tracking number and can track your passport. so
  4. rajaH1Visa

    Student visa rejected in 2006

    Never try to lie... in your case, F1 rejection for not sufficient funds is not a big issue... as know your are applying for completely different visa...
  5. I guess you can create a new DS 160 and update in your appoint application.... you will have option to edit that field....
  6. I heard from my friend that it will change into Administrative Processing before changing into Issued.. So dont worry....