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  1. abhishek2727

    Perm filing with new employer

    Hello Friends, I have changed my employer after 12+ years (tired of waiting for my priority date to be current). My I-140 was approved back in 2011. The I-140 approval notice has priority date mentioned as well as A-###. My question to learned friends here is: 1. Is the priority date listed on i-140 approval is my priority date? 2. My new employer is in process of filing new PERM and asking for my previous PERM filing date which I do not know and will have to ask my previous employer (not sure if my previous employer will provide the filing date or delay as much possible to provide the information). i. Is there any other way to find out the details? ii. Is previous Perm filing date is must to retain my priority date with new PERM filing? Thank you for your answers. Abhi
  2. Thank you jairichi for your quick response. What happens to old DS-160? Do I need to do anything to cancel that?
  3. Hi Amey, I am in same situation now as you were a month ago. Can you please tell me, what did you do? Did you create new DS 160 application? What happened to old DS 160? Did you have to get HDFC receipt first before you could schedule an appointment? Thank you, Abhishek
  4. Thank you guys. I updated my DS160, but I am in different situation now. After submitting my form when I checked for the dates in Toronto, it is showing next date available in 69 days. I am traveling to India in November and can not go to Toronto. I am not considering Vancouver, although it's showing next available date in 1 day(s), due to flight from Chicago, hassle with two small kids and also it will be expensive. Now I am planning to go to Mumbai and wondering if I can use my existing DS-160? If I create new DS 160 for Mumbai, then what happens to my currently submitted DS160? Is there a way to cancel or update the current one for Mumbai? Thank you, Abhishek
  5. I answered "NO" to this question and only realized after submitting the form that I have I-140 approved. How can I make changes to my DS-160? Please advise.
  6. My I-140 is approved. But I selected my answer "No". My application is already submitted. How can I update my application? Please advise. Regards, Abhishek
  7. abhishek2727

    Specific question for Visa application

    Attorney_25 answered this question here: http://forum.murthy.com/index.php?/topic/52390-ds160-form-question/ Thank you.
  8. Hi Friends, Please help me to answer this question: Are you applying in the same country or location where the visa above was issued, and is this country or location your place of principal of residence? My confusion is: Yes I applied in Vancouver, Canada last time and No, Canada is not a place of principal of residence. There are only options Yes or No to answer this question. What my answer should be? Regards, Abhishek
  9. Hi, Thank you for sharing your experience. Does Toronto consulate allow kids inside? My kids are US citizens and I am told that Toronto consulate does not allow kids, is it true? Thanks, Abhishek
  10. abhishek2727

    Question regarding H1 B stamping fees

    Thank you for your replies friends. Is there any link where I can check dates available before paying fees? I know there is link where it gives estimates e.g. 16 days for Toronto, 31 days for Vancouver, 3-4 days for Delhi, but is there a way I can see the calendar?
  11. Hi friends, I am trying to book visa appointment at Toronto US consulate. The way I see it, after filling DS-160, I need to pay the fees before I can schedule an appointment. My question is after paying the fees, if the dates which I am looking for are not available...then can I use the same payment to book at some other consulate? I am going to India in November this year and I am concern if dates are not available then I might loose application fees for me and my wife. Thanks, Abhishek