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  1. Just an Update...I did go to Matamoros Mexico for H4 stamping last week and after returning to the US, I have applied for H4EAD renewal . Will hope for the best
  2. Thank you for your suggestion. We have indeed decided to go to Mexico for stamping and then apply stand alone EAD renewal and hope to get it approved before my current EAD expires.
  3. Hello , I am currently on H4 with a H4EAD expiring in 5 months (Sep 2019). My spouses H1b is Valid till Aug 2020 ( This change happened because my spouse changed employer and once the h1b transfer happened only spouses H1b was applied and changed without applying for H4 extension at that time). Spouse has an approved I-140 with a priority date in 2013. I am now planing to file to extend H4 and also apply for H4EAD renewal. Since this is going to be stand alone application without H1b renewal, i will not be eligible for premium processing. Unfortunately, with the new changes in the forms and processing times, i have not been able to keep up with the updates. i would appreciate if some one could help me with my questions below. Do i need am attorney to apply for this ? ( I have earlier applied for EAD extn on my own but have never done H4 extension as it used to be always filed concurrently) We are based in NYC. How long does it take currently to process H4 extn and H4EAD extn currently?
  4. mdj1

    I-612 approval from Vermont Service Center

    Hello , I am also currently going to apply for h1b premium process and my 612 is pending. Just wanted to see what is your situation and any developments. Please reply. Thanks