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  1. I currently have my H1B visa valid until September 25 2019. My husband is on a H4 visa (previous 7th year H1b extension with i140 was denied and re-entered US in dependent visa). My company has filed my H1 extension and the dependent H4 extension. I am not in a position to switch my case to premium due to company policy. Now can my husband look for new job and file a H1B COS application when the H4 extension is in progress after September 25th? Or does he have to wait to look for a job until he receives the H4 approval? Please guide.
  2. Hi, I had my visa stamped for H4 till Apr 2013. I applied for an extension and got new I-94 for H4 till May 2015. I then applied for H1B and got it approved, which is valid from Oct2013. I have a situation now where I need to travel to India(medical emergency). I am planning to return to US before October though. My visa has expired and hence I will have to go for stamping before returning to US. Now will there be a problem if I get a new I-94 stamped for H4 on top of already approve H1B?? Kindly respond. Regards, Archana