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    H1-B Eligibity Question

    Thanks for your reply. So you are saying staying in H4 will not re-set the clock. So what would be my options then if I have to start work again. Is there any possibility at all or not? Like studies by applying F1 and then from F1 to H1 in future. Can I do something like that?



    H1-B Eligibity Question

    Hello Friends, Hope all is well. I have a question where I need assistance. My current H1 is expiring in Feb end 2014. I have completed all 6 years in my current petition. From March 2014 onwards, I will be going into H4 as dependent. Since I have completed 6 years, I need to wait for one year to get h1 clock reset. My question is, do I need to wait for one complete year to apply new H1(April 2015) or can I apply in April 2014 quota? Do I have to apply H1 in cap or I exempt from H1 cap? If I apply in April 2014, can I work from March 2015 as one year will be over by then ? If I need to apply in 2015 April then, Is it I have to work only from October 2015?


    Hi, I agree with you, since I entered in 2010 with old petition that did not re-set the time. Thanks for your reply.


    Thanks for your reply, I really appeciate your answer. I understand the concept fresh now. Did u notice in my case, I was out of country for 1 year starting from 11/16/2008 till 02/06/2010. Then entered US in 2010 Feb with old L1 petition as I still had 6 months of validity in that. When we applied for extension it got rejected. So Isn't my clock startes from 02/06/2010 for 6 years.


    Hello, Hope you are doing well. I am into situation where I need assistance. Below are the entry and exit dates along with visa types for US work travel. Initial Entry Date into US:_03/11/2006 --------------------L1 Blanket Exit Date from US:_ 11/16/2008 --------------------- I got L1 extension and changed to L1-R Entry Date into US:_02/06/2010 -------------------- L1- R Exit Date from US:_ 08/09/2010 --------------------- Left US as L1-R extension was denied. When I enter US in 2010, I stayed more than one year in India. Upon L1-R rejection in 2010, I went to India applied for fresh H1(in 2011 quota). On H1-B, entered US on 04/12/2011. This is my understanding, since its fresh H1B , H1-B tenure counts from 2011 and its valid for 6 years. Can you please clarify on this. some people are saying that L1 and H1 tenure will be counted together. So I am not eligible for any more extensions. Some people are saying, since its fresh H1, tenure counts from 2011 to 2017. I have my extension due in couple of months. I am trying to understand extension possibilities. Important things to note. I have been working for same employer since from 2006. All the Visa types are held by same employer. Since from 2006, I have completed 5.6 years of stay in US. I was in India for complete 1 one year starting from Dec 2008 till Feb 2010. Fresh H1 was applied in 2010 October and entered US in April 2011. Thanks alot for your help.