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  1. Ramya_K

    Eb3 to Eb2 porting - I-140 Question

    In I-140 application form there is column it asks like . Is applicant applied or approved I-140 . 1) you have to check-mark it in your I-140 Application & attach old I-140 approved copy and copy of I-485 notice. 2) you have to specify your A# number also ( it is in your existing I-140 approval and I-485 notice ) Enjoy..
  2. There are two points you have to focus 1) Are you eligible to EB2 as per your education? Ans) Bachelor's degree in Science + MBA == USA Bachelor's degree . Generally for Eb2 category needs US degree + 5 years of relevant experience 2)What is minimum educational requirement for your current job ? If you current job need Degree + minimum five years of experience then you can apply in EB2.
  3. HI All, Two employers applied GC for me and both got I-140 approvals pointing to same I-485. Which I-140 will be considered by USCIS to approve I-485?
  4. Ramya_K

    I485 RFE and now stuck in limbo

    last year, it happened to one of my friend. but he got his GC in this year ( July ) without RFE.
  5. Ramya_K

    I-140 PD porting in EB2

    Its very easy, while filling his new I-140 form, he needs add his old I-140 LIN number and attache copy of it.
  6. Ramya_K

    Pending AOS application

    Sushma!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! so many ways to contact USCIS.. Contact Congressman / Senator. Take InfoPass. Call USCIS. Raise SR. Follow-up
  7. Ramya_K

    NVC Case#

    Its simply, you can request to get copy of labor and I-140 forms which were applied on your name. LIN number and company name are enough to get copy of both. its good to request for both (labor and I-140 ).
  8. Ramya_K

    Recapture Priority Date after I-140 approval

    I think that you can request USCIS by letter with your old & new I-140 approval copies. Check with your attorney
  9. Ramya_K

    Processing time for I-140

    In Best , it takes 6 months. with RFEs, 6 to 12 month. with Audit....God knews
  10. 1) Do I have to switch to Company B and start my I-140 process ? Yes 100% you can do, Because Company B already applied your Labor while you are working with Company A why not for I-140. They can apply even you are working with Company B. 2) If I don't want to switch now and can I continue applying for I-140 with company B and switch only after the approval? This idea also fine, if company B is ok.
  11. Ramya_K

    need urgent help on I140

    Hi omshiv Could you please let us know in detail about How employee can retain PD, if employer revoke I-140? Please send if there is any useful on it. We thought that Employee can retain his/her PD , if employer didn't revoke I-140 before employee apply new I-140.
  12. Ramya_K

    need urgent help on I140

    If you have A# then you can port it. means that whenever you are applying new Labor & I-140 through Company B. you have to specify A# in form of I-140
  13. Ramya_K

    Employer not disclosing on the I 140 status

    latest status for your I-140 shows its been approved in 2008 and PD is current that means your employer didn't revoke your I-140.
  14. Ramya_K

    Multiple I 140 petitions

    you have to request USCIS to port old priority date by sending letter with your I-140s ( Old & new ) and I-485 notice copy. Check A# numbers in both I-140s, A# should be same in both, otherwise you have request USCIS to consolidate A#
  15. Ramya_K

    I-140 premium processing..Y/N?

    there is no -ve impact, its good to try