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  1. HI i moved to from employer A to B .but by the time employer A filled my i-140 in regular processing.its been 3 months.but don't think its going to approve soon. i am going to max out in 2 months.can my employer B make my case into premium.my employer A is not making that as premium processing.employer A is not going to cancel my 140 although i moved
  2. vasuabcd

    H1b Extension Beyond 6 Years

    Hi my case is just like above but the diffrenc is my i-140 was filled 1 yr back still no approval or denial i am going to join company c..i am not sure when i they will start my gc iam going to max out in less than yr..i can i use this i-140 filing petition to get 1yr extension
    • i came to usa in 2007 and stayed till 2009 with company A
    • i went back to india worked in india for 6 yrs
    • in 2015 i came through company B as cap exempted quota
    • they filled my i-140  in sep 2016 ..but there is no approval or denial
    • i am going to complete my 6 yrs in feb 2019
    • now company c is offering me the job

    my questions are

    as i stayed outside USA more than 12 months is my h1 get reset ? i mean its valid from 2015 to 2021 or in 2019 is i am going to max out?

    if c company starts my gc process in 2018 can i get i-140 by feb 2019 what are the chances.. can i take risk

    its been a year since my i-140 is filled i dint received nay query on that can i use b company 140 filing with c company and get 1 yr extension? if idnt rec vie my i-140 with company c in 2019


  3. my H1 b was approved in 2006 but i came to usa in july 2007 and i was here from 2009 july...i worked in india from aug 2009 to sep2014...one of consulting company filed my H1 extension under cap exemption i got visa in in sep 2014 to sep 2016, i trvelld to usa in jan 2015...my next extenison is pending sep-2106...now one of india MNC is offering full time...they are telling me that if i got out more than 2 yrs from USA my H1 will started from only 2014...is this true...as i have spend 2 yrs earlier from 2007 to 2009... 1) 2007-2009--2 yrs 2)2015-till date-1 yr so my H1 period is 3 yrs over or only 1 yr over..i got confused
  4. i found a new employer they told come to USA as right now iam in india...they will taransfer the h1...if they file new petietion can i trvael on the same visa? as alredy have valid visa for 2yrs
  5. HI my H1 is cleared i got the visa..now my employer is asking for 2 yr contract with them from the day i arrive USA....if i try to break the contrct in that its mentioned i need to pay 20 thousend USD..what are the consequences if i write the contract is anything like that in USA...is it compulsory to pay if i change the employer...as i have valid visa another company is asking me to join after 6 months they told they will contrct tohire me permently..please suggest
  6. i attended the visa in chennai(india) they said we need to verify about this company better dont quit your job they told,and they given the passport and along with blue slip...and they took the project detils...so somebody can tell me what will be next step..is my visa is denied for ever? is anyway i will get notification on my visa
  7. MY H1 is approved in dec 2013...thorough a consultent right now iam in India...can i travel with B1/B2 visa...my employer told he can change after comeing to USA is it possible like that...?
  8. vasuabcd

    H1B cap exemption after 3+ years of stay outside

    my h1 is approved under cap exepted...i have valida b1/b2 visa can i travel with that visa?is is poosibel to change that visa after going there or can i work right away after traveling with b1/b2 visa
  9. i was in USA from 2007-2009 my H1 was filed in 2006..now one employer is filed my H1 under cap exmepted quota and its approved. i have SSN and Drivers licnce..i hold B1/B2 visa right now now,can i travel on this VISA...after going is it possible to to change that or can i work after travelling on B1/B2 visa
  10. vasuabcd

    H1B extension and cap exempt

    my case also same H1B Petition was filed by Company A. Following are the details : valid from 10/01/2006 to 09/30/2009 Visa was stamped and dates are : Issue date : 01 nov 2006 Expiry date : 30 Oct 2009 i was IN USA from 2007 -2009 in july 2009 i came back to india...now cani file cap exmpted quota?
  11. vasuabcd

    H1B Renewal

    my petetion is approved in 2006 i was in USA till 2009..now i want comeback can i file cap one exmpted quota?
  12. vasuabcd

    H1B cap exemption after 3+ years of stay outside

    i was in USA from 2006 to 2009..then i moved to INDIA now my employer wants to me file H1..is iam cap exmpted
  13. vasuabcd


    i got my H1 in 2006..i worked till 2009 july...then i moved to inda started working here for MNC now i want go back...is my employer can file my case as cap exmpted or i need to fill new H1B..please suggest
  14. vasuabcd

    H1B cap exempt

    Hi My H1 was filed in oct 2006...i was in USA till 2009 JUly..then i came back to India and startred working here on MNC now i want go back to USA ....can i file my H1 under cap quota or i need to file new H1 please suggest?..is my h1 is valid for 6 yrs that mean it got lapsed in 2012?