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  1. Dear all, Thank you for your responses, I received my denial notice and reason behind the denial are E-E relationship and Specialty occupation. Earlier, USCIS had asked for more E_E relationship evidence in RFE but it seems they were not satisfied with evidence provided by my employer. And Denial Notice says that this job position doesn't comes under specialty occupation and as everyone knows that this year quota has already fulled so no chances for reapply in regular quota. And surprisingly, reviewer didn't raise specialty occupation issue in the RFE. He just added in denial notice. My reviewer made really strong case against my petition and also he raised serious concern over credibility of my employer (He is one of the top staffing firm in the US). Now, my employer is planning to fill MTR, but i am really worried that what are the chance of MTR getting approve? Thanks,
  2. Rahul, But, I am stuck here, correct me if i am wrong, I would be out of status if I will be here for Feb and March 2014 as my OPT expires in Jan, Even if i find any other employer who can fill my h1b next year, i won't be able to work from feb to Oct 2014. This is really long time, not any employer will wait for me such long and fill my h1b :(
  3. Thanks Rahul, I really don't want to go school again, thats why searching for other options??? Once i receive notice I will post the reason for denial.
  4. Dear all members, Right now, I am working for Multinational Company as contractor through direct vendor. My vendor is big US Staffing firm. My employer(vendor) had filled my H1b on April 2013 and we had received RFE asking more evidence regarding employer- employee relationship. My employer had timely responded RFE with more evidence and after 1 month, I just got to know that USCIS has denied my H1-b petition. Reason for denial has yet to know, waiting for notice. This was my first H1b petition. I has done my master's from US accredited University. My OPT is valid till Jan 2014. What are the chance of getting approval if my employer fill for MTR? If even my MTR also get rejected, then what are the other options to stay in US after Jan 2014? how can i remain in status after my OPT expire? I know about getting admission back to school and all, Is there any other visa options? I would greatly appreciate any help! Thanks.