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  1. RajS7372

    H1 Visa Stamping Ottawa - Accommodation Needed

    Hi Misbah & ReplySudhir. How did your interview go ? Can you please share your experience.
  2. hi Karan2411, Can you please provide your case update.
  3. Hey Sai12345, Surya_Chintu & Ronak. Did you guys have any update on your status??
  4. RajS7372

    Travelling to Ottawa on 9th

    hey guys, I too am going for Visa stamping. Please email me & you can get my email address from my profile. Thx.
  5. RajS7372

    LCA & W2 question

    My LCA was filed in 2013 due to change of client. So during the Visa interview when VO asks for W2 & LCA. Should i give him 2012 W2 and latest LCA ? My question is that my salary has increased this year by 3k-4k which is reflected in my 2013 LCA but is NOT reflected in my 2012 W2. So the wages in both this document will not match. Will that be a issue ?? Please Advise.
  6. RajS7372


    Hi, Im also going for Stamping in end of Sep. I have my email on my profile, do email me to discuss further. Thanks,
  7. RajS7372

    anyone going to ottawa @september 18 for stamping?

    I too planning to go to Ottawa. I have my email in my profile. Email me & we can discuss further.
  8. Thank you Guys for your feedback.
  9. Hi Guys, I am planning to go for H1B Stamping and am planning to drive to Canada. I wanted to know how different is driving in canada as compared to US, difference in terms of regulation or driving rules or anything i should consider while driving in canada. Any feedback will be much appreciated. Thanks.
  10. RajS7372

    Attending stamoing on september 18th @Ottawa, ca

    hi Jignesh, I have interview on Sept 27, Have you found any good place to stay around the Ottawa embassy??
  11. For toronto dates are available from Oct 23 onwards...
  12. RajS7372

    PIMS verfication,ottawa

    When is your Visa Stamping ?
  13. RajS7372

    H1B restamping with new LCA but old petition?

    Hi. Can you please share as to how did your stamping go?? Did they ask for Amendment or no?