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  1. Hi, i recently got citizenship would like to file greencard for my sister .. she is in USA under H4 EAD.. 1. can I file family based greencard for her.. 2. if she loes her H4EAD or go to India is that application still be valid. 3. if she loses H4 AED status, is there any other way she can stay in USA (assuming she does not have H1 visa) while the family based greencard is in progress.
  2. My EB3 priority date is Dec 2007 and I filed EB2 and after labor and 1 140 approved ported the date. As AUG 2013 is the current for EB2, I filed I 485 on Aug 1st. So far i have not received the receipt notice. Anyone also filed on AUG 1st and has received the receipt. How long takes to get request for finger print and EAD.
  3. Hi, I filed my i 485 EB2 on aug1, 2013. my EB3 priority date is Dec, 2007 and EB2 was filed separately last year and ported EB2 date. As EB2 became Jan 2008, i filed my case on Aug 1,2013. So far i have not received the receipt notice. Any idea how long this takes and anyone similar case as mine.