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  1. I'm in same situation... Today I attended the H1 Renewal interview and during check in i saw they wrote No PIMS on my I797 copy. This is happening second time in a row and first time was 2013 with same consulate. Here is my experience... VO : Good Morning me: Good Morning , how are you doing ? VO : Who is your Employer? me : XX VO : Are you working for Employer or client? me : Client VO : how long you are working with End Client ? me : XX years VO : What is you role ? me : XX VO : What are you doing in End Client ? me : XX VO : There is no issues with you approval process but there is small admin processing is there and it will take couple of days more. me : Can i expect my passport in early next week? VO : Likely you will receive
  2. career796

    PIMS Issue after Visa Interview

    Hey, In my case extra two business days delayed because of PIMS not updated. Here is my case... Interview date and place: September 25th and Ottawa Passport Details email from Loomies : September 30th (But Not ready to Pickup passport) Passport received : October 1st Me and my friend went to interview(same place and time) but be received passport on September 27th...Everything is fine in his case.... In visa interview VO said extra 1-2 days required to update PIMS and then 2-4 days for passport pickup...
  3. Hi, I'm on the same situation and same consulate but interview date was sept 25th. Provide ur contact details so we can discuss more.
  4. career796

    How to check H1 visa status

    Thanks guys..
  5. career796

    share accommodation in ottawa

    Hi, I'm looking for accomodation in ottawa, please send me ur contact details or reach me at **************@gmail.com.
  6. career796

    How to check H1 visa status

    I had my interview on sept 25th, visa was approved but NO PIMS. I want to track my status. Can anyone let me know to check visa status.
  7. Hi Guys, I came for Visa Interview @ Ottawa US consulate. If any one needs a car ride from Ottawa to Philadelphia through Syracuse let me know with their phone number/e-mail. Planning to start on September 28th 2013.
  8. career796

    Ottawa - Sept 25

    Hi, I had my interview on 25th in ottawa, Visa was approved but 'NO PIMS'. I'm looking for shared accomodation from sept 28/29, Let me know if anyone interested.
  9. Hi, I had my interview on 25th in ottawa, Visa was approved but 'NO PIMS'. I'm looking for shared accomodation from sept 28/29, Let me know if anyone interested.
  10. career796

    Ottawa - Sept 25

    reach me at *****************@gmail.com
  11. career796

    Ottawa - Sept 25

    Hi ram0310, I have my interview on that day at 9:45
  12. career796

    Stamping done in Ottawa on 18th sept

    Can you post your experience because mine on September 25th same location and i'm on EVC model..
  13. Hi kraj2410, I have an appointment on 25th September in Ottawa, Can you suggest which hotels are preferable in terms of cost, facilities(internet, parking etc.) and distance to US embassy.