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  1. dineshchandrapatil

    H1B extension after I140 approval

    Hi Team, My H1B max out date was May18,2019. I left USA on May11,2019 when my perm was under process. Currently my I140 is approved (on 21st Aug, 2019). However I had to visit USA on H4 due to some personal reasons in July 2019. I have the below query now: 1) During my H1 extension if I am outside of USA, will it be still a H4 to H1 transfer? 2) Also I have 7 days left on my previous H1, if I go to USA and apply H1 extension within these 7 days, can I stay on the receipt until it is approved and still be able to work? 3) If the above situation is not possible then once my H1 extension is applied will I have to wait until it is approved to start working in USA? It would be really helpful if I can get responses to the above queries. Thanks a lot! Regards, Dinesh
  2. dineshchandrapatil

    H1B max out in May, H4 conversion

    Hi Team, I am maxing out my H1B on May18 2019. My perm is in process and yet to be approved. My wife is on H1B visa. If i go back to India on May1st 2019, and then go for H4 visa stamping: 1) Will it cause any issue with my perm processing? 2) If i take say 6 weeks leave in India and plan come to US on H4 , will i be allowed? or will it be considered as staying beyond 6 years in USA Appreciate your help on this Thanks, Dinesh
  3. dineshchandrapatil

    H1b Stamping: I797 Maxing out on May18,2019

    Hi Shekar, Thanks, my confusion is can i recapture those 2 months at any time, meaning my max out date is May18,2019 but can i recapture from say July1st to Aug31st. Can i use those even after 6 months say irrespective of max out date. Thanks, Dinesh
  4. Hi All, My H1B is maxing out on May18,2019. I have to go to India in March for 3 weeks for some unavoidable personal work. My employer started my perm process and it is still pending approval. Considering the above scenarios: 1) Is there any risk in stamping with current I797 which is valid till May18,2019 so that I can come back to US on April 5th, 2019. 2)Suppose I go in March and wait until my I140 is approved(say it approves on Jun20, 2019), then can i come to US on my H1B by recapturing the 2 months and then apply for my H1B extension from US using my I140? Please help me with these as I am very much confused on what to do. Thanks, Dinesh Chandra Patil
  5. dineshchandrapatil

    Query on Perm processing and H1 recapture

    Hi Team, My H1B is maxing out in May 2019. My employer started my perm processing and currently it is in PWD status. PWD was sent on Aug17, 2018. I have couple of queries here: 1) Can H1 be extended based on perm filing even though it is not approved 2) I will be going to India for 6 weeks end of the year. I can request my employer to recapture this time and apply for my extension, but how long can i stay after my H1 extension to recapture has been applied. Please help me with these so that i can determine the options I have. Please suggest if you have any other options as well. Thanks, Dinesh Patil
  6. I got a denied notice on Dec 8th. If my employer files a new petition in 2018, will the history of being denied affect the selection process or even if the petition get picked up in the lottery next time, will the denial history affect the decision on the new petition in 2018? I have heard people saying that once denied , USCIS will keep denying petitions again filed next time for the same person by the same employer. Is this true? Thanks.
  7. dineshchandrapatil

    E-verify number for OPT extension

    Hello All, My wife is planning to apply for STEM extension. There is a question which says 'provide e-verify number of the employer', we have searched the e-verify tool and can see company is e-verified. Could you please let is know where to find the number. Are e verify number and EIN one and the same? Please help me with this. Thanks, Dinesh.
  8. dineshchandrapatil

    OPT STEM extension

    Hi All, My Wife graduated last year from Arizona State University. We applied for OPT and currently she is on a job. Her initial OPT expires on Jun2nd. We are planning to apply for STEM extension asap. Could you please let us know what will happen if the STEM extension is not approved before Jun 2nd. Can she work while the application is pending at USCIS. Thanks & Regards, Dinesh Chandra Patil.
  9. dineshchandrapatil

    221g green slip in canada

    Hi Dude, I want to go for F1 stamping in Canada. Can I get your email id so that I can check with you on what is the procedure for this. Thanks, Dinesh *********@gmail.com
  10. dineshchandrapatil

    OPT stamping in Canada

    Hi Team, My wife is graduated from Arizona State university. She changed her status from H4 to F1 on July 2015 in US. She graduated recently on May 2016. Now she is on OPT EAD card which is valid till June 1st 2017 and has a full-time employment offer. She started working from June 6th. Because she changed her status in US, she does not have a F1 stamping on her passport right now.We are planning to travel to Canada in september 2016. Is it safe to travel on OPT? Can she go for her F1 stamping in Canada. What documents would be needed and what are the possible questions may be asked during interview? Thanks, Dinesh
  11. dineshchandrapatil

    Travel on OPT

    Hi Team, My wife is graduated from Arizona State university. She changed her status from H4 to F1 on July 2015. She graduated recently on May 2016. Now she is on OPT EAD card which is valid till June 1st 2017 and has a full-time employment offer. She will start working from June 6th. Because she changed her status in US, she does not have a F1 stamping on her passport right now.We are planning to travel India on Oct/Nov 2016. I am been hearing a lot of rejection issues with OPT visa stamping and traveling on OPT. Is it true.? Is it safe to travel on OPT? If traveling India and getting OPT visa stamped is risky in India, Can I get my OPT visa stamped in Canada before traveling India? Is it a good option? Thanks, Dinesh
  12. dineshchandrapatil

    query on COS from H4 to F1

    Hi all, My wife is on H4 and we are planning to change the status to F2 next week. There are chances that I change my employer next month. So will this create any issue for my wife's COS? As i am submitting my I797 in the list of COS documents i had this query. Thanks, Dinesh.
  13. dineshchandrapatil

    H1B and H4 stamping in India

    Hi Rahul, Yes, she has a 797. Her I 797 was received on my previous employer. My I 797 is on my current employer. If in my DS160 I specify my current employer and on her DS160 I specify previous employer will this be an issue? Also there is one more drop down which asks about the relation with the visa applier. What should I mention there. Normally we mention Employer of spouse for dependent visa. Could you please help me out on these 2 please. Thanks, Dinesh.
  14. dineshchandrapatil

    H1B and H4 stamping in India

    Hi, Gooda Day! I am in Phoenix now and I am planning to visit India in November. I will need to get my stamping done before coming back. I have the below queries: 1) I quit my 1st employer and joined 2nd employer. My Current H1B is valid till Jan 2016. When I applied for my new H1B I did not apply for my spouse because when my wife's H4 was getting expired I applied for her extension and it is valid till Sep 2015. Both of our passports show the stamping date valid till Jan 2014 however both of us are on valid visa due to our extensions. Now my question is will this create any problem while getting stamped? 2) In the DS160 form we have a column which says 'Who sponsored the Visa?' For me it is Employer 2 but what will this be for my wife because right now she is on an extended visa applied by employer 1. Could you please help me on the above 2 queries. Thanks a lot! Regards, Dinesh Chandra Patil
  15. dineshchandrapatil

    Inquiry about 2 universities

    Hi All, I applied for my wife's visa for 2015 in premium processing but it looks like the application has not been picked up in lottery. Now we are planning for higher studies and was checking the universities, Grand Canyon university and California state university(CSU). Is it a good option to complete M.S in any of these? Right now we are in Phoenix, hence was looking for these universities. I am also looking for ASU but I just wanted to know about GCU and CSU. Thanks, Dinesh