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  1. h1bstamping_canada

    New H1B Visa-Regular processing-No updates yet!

    I haven't heard any updates for 3.5 months. Did you heard anything back?
  2. h1bstamping_canada

    H1B-receipt status

    I've been waiting for update on my H1B case since 3.5 months but I haven't heard any updates from USCIS. My question is if there is RFE or anything like that, do they update status online as RFE? I know before it used to show RFE but now I guess they just show case received and case approved.
  3. h1bstamping_canada

    Question regarding H1 B stamping fees

    I think if you pay for Canada, then you can only book appointment for Canada. For example, if the dates are not available for Toronto then you can book it for Ottawa but you can't book for Mumbai
  4. I applied for my Canada TRV. I got request for Passport. When I opened the link to sent the passport, first it says that send passport to VAC. So I sent my passport to VAC New York. I haven't heard back from them since so many days. Later I came to know that we have to send passport to Canadian Consulate. If we send our passport to VAC, we have to send $35 fees with that. I email VAC to return my passport but I haven't heard anything back. I called the number listed on the website. But it's a call center and they don't have much information. I'm not sure how to get my passport back now. Please help me if oneone know what to do.
  5. h1bstamping_canada

    CANADA Visa Processing Times

    I applied on 5th of Aug and got request for passport on 13th Aug.
  6. Hi, Is anyone having visa date on Oct 11th in Ottawa? Thanks,
  7. When I last checked, the earliest date for Toronto was 30th Oct and for Ottawa it was available in 2 days. So almost all dates where available for Ottawa
  8. h1bstamping_canada

    Changing dates of visa interview in Canada

    I just found out. We can change or cancel before one day.
  9. h1bstamping_canada

    Please Advice on Canada Visa - Stamped for Ottowa

    Once you get Canada visa, you can go to anywhere in Canada. I think no country issues visa for specific city
  10. on site they say "The applicant may change the appointment date as many times as needed before the reschedule/cancel deadline in the confirmation email." My question is if I schedule my visa interview on 14th oct, how much time I get to make any changes?
  11. h1bstamping_canada

    Best consulate for h1b stamping in Canada

    When I said best I mean where there is less chance of getting 221-g.
  12. h1bstamping_canada

    Best consulate for h1b stamping in Canada

    I'm thinking about going to Canada for my H1B stamping in October. I'm confused between Vancouver or Toronto. Are there any pros and cons for this location? Any idea about available dates at these two locations?