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  1. blore2013

    Which sponsorship is better

    Ok, any idea which option is better..
  2. blore2013

    Which sponsorship is better

    Hello,I am on H1, I am planning to apply for tourist visa for my sister in law, she is currently studying engineering in India. Her parents (my father/mother in-law) already have tourist visa approved, which was sponsored by me.Now the question is, should i sponsor the tourist visa for my sister in law as well or she should self sponsor, please provide some guidance on which option is best. thanks ..
  3. Hi, My h1b is expiring on jan 2015. My current employer is delaying the process to start the GC not sure why. What is deadline for my current employer to apply the GC inorder for the process to go smoothly and be able to extend the h1 beyond 6yrs. If I change employer and ask them to apply gc immediately will that work? Please let me know your thoughts.