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  1. poornima.pk

    I140 and H1B extension in parallel

    Hi, Can we apply I140 and H1b extension in parallel? Thanks. Poornima
  2. poornima.pk

    PERM Approval document not received

    My husband has not yet received the PERM approval docs and our 6 year h1 is coming to end by November 30. Facts: 1. Applied PERM on February 3 2015, received email that it's approved September 25 2015 2. Three weeks have been passed and have not received the PERM approved document. 3. H1 expires by November 30 2015 and we can recapture 15 days additionally. 1. If we don't get the PERM in another 10 days, what are our best course of action? 2. How long does uscis take to process i140? 3. Can we apply extension of h1 from India based on the i140 we receive when we are there? Thanks for the answers
  3. poornima.pk

    Parents B2 Visa - Self Sponsor - Funds in Bank Account

    YankeeDoodle - This is the best suggestion I have received and thanks for the same. My parents received their B2 visa and according to them the interview was a breeze. Thanks again for the help!
  4. poornima.pk

    L2 to H4

    My situation: I am currently holding L2 visa with EAD and my spouse has L1. We both applied H1 and my husband got through. His RFE is submitted but we are still waiting for the results of RFE. We have not submitted my H4. We both have valid I94 throughout 2014. My question is: 1. Once after my husband's RFE is approved, from which day onwards I will be out of status? 2. When should I submit documents for H4? Is it too late now? 3. From when will I be in correct status? After submitting the COS or only after the approval of COS? All answers are appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Hi, I am trying to take an appointment for Parent's visa interview through Stanley website. They are self-sponsor category. I have a plan of paying visa fees through NEFT. The clarification which I need is: Can I make the payment through my India bank account online? Why this question is, since they are self-sponsoring is it required that the fees amount be deducted from their bank account? Issue is that they do not have an online account and they have to go to Axis bank(which is not in their town) at a far away place, which is possible if that is the only option. Please suggest. Thanks for the suggestions! Regards, Poornima
  6. poornima.pk

    Parents B2 Visa - Self Sponsor - Funds in Bank Account

    Thanks jairichi for the immediate response. They are planning to show: - Their home and the land along with it. - Life insurance policy, Jewellery they have.. - My brother's family is in India, so planning to show that. Brother has kids who are in India along with Sis-in-law. But brother alone is in UK for his advanced medical studies and will return next year once he completes that. Will this be a problem? - They get pension monthly, so pension book. - Parents are above 65 years, and they are coming here for sight seeing and to see us. Its been long we visited India. Will this be sufficient?
  7. My parents are planning to self sponsor visitor visa. 1. They have multiple Fixed deposits of around 35L - 40L INR. 2. Together their pension comes to 30K INR, per month. 3. Their SB account contains only 1L to 1.5 L, since they keep creating FDs out of their pension income & retirement benefits. 4. They are above 65 years. 5. They have not submitted Income tax returns in the last 3 years since according to my dad, some rules changed and they dont need to submit ITR(with their income and age). My questions are: 1. Will it be a problem that they dont have enough funds in SB account? 2. Can they close a few FDs and deposit to SB and go for interview in 2 months time? 3. Will the non-submission of ITR be a problem for them? Finally, I would like to decide whether my husband should sponsor(good financial standing & all documents are available) or my parents should sponsor based on the above clarifications. Thanks in advance for the answers..