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  1. himanshukalva

    H1B Stamping Vancouver Vs Toronto

    @Green2020: you are right.check dates availability. you will get all other dates easily but not for Vancouver . I have experienced that in my last 3 months. I was getting all (torento,calgary,ottawa ) dates fast and easily except vancouver.I understand docs is first but peple at vancouver are easy going and not creating that much problem as compared to other consulate. I am telling this is based on experience. from my company itself 8 people got visa stamped in 1 month at same location.no administrative process no rejection. I understand doc always first but after that consulate also matters.
  2. @prince2002: what else you want buddy. you all set to go. You will definately get stamping just answer confidently. As you have all docs It will be easy for you.Good Luck.
  3. himanshukalva

    query on filling out DS160

    that's what I think. person can not enter(recevive) lower than LCA .He can enter same as LCA or higher than LCA whichever is applicable.
  4. himanshukalva

    query on filling out DS160

    @jairichi: what if visa officer will first ask for LCA and ask why its lower than LCA what would be his justification? generally they ask I-797, LCA and I-129 first.
  5. himanshukalva

    H1B Stamping Vancouver Vs Toronto

    @Omshiv: Becauase all my friends got approved there. my visa also got approved there. and day when I went there all got approved that's why I am telling success ration is high there.My friend even got approved without client letter.
  6. My friend had same problem. he went to consulate same day and they corrected in 10 minutes. you can do the same.
  7. himanshukalva

    Trip purpose URGENT

    Tourism. you can also write Stamping. nothing wrong.
  8. himanshukalva

    H1B Stamping Vancouver Vs Toronto

    Vancouver is the best so far I heard most of them get approved. :)
  9. you are right Vancouver is the best place if you have all documents. if not then book any other and keep checking for dates in Vancouver sometimes you may get date in short time .for example if you check date you may get date after 2 days. so my advise book any consulate and keep on checking for Vancouver and reschedule it whenever possible. I did the same.
  10. himanshukalva

    Going for Stamping before H1B start date

    @rahul: My visa got approved today. thanks for help.
  11. Anyone can please suggest best hotel near Vancouver embassy? Best in terms of affordable price.
  12. himanshukalva

    H1 approved, Change of status denied

    @Akhilesh: you got H1 b approved while you were working on CPT that means USCIS knows that you are working on CPT so relax you are not abusing any F1. Do not worry .If you have been abusing you could not have got h1 visa. about your original question I have no Idea.I talked to attorney other day and she confirmed that working on CPT and if job is related to your course work(business analyst also work) then you are not abusing anything.
  13. himanshukalva

    I am on grade period of F1 and H 1bstamping on sep 19

    Ok all. Thanks for your reply. I will always say truth to VO and hopefully get Visa or else will forget US:) Thanks again and ya I didn't wanted to mess forum but wanted to get clear picture.
  14. Thanks for writing your positive experience. Good Luck for your Passport.