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  1. My father in-law has visited us from India and his passport expires in Jun, 2021. Do you know if it is possible to apply for a passport renewal while he is here in the US? He is on a visitor visa (B1-B2) Thanks in advance.
  2. shameersalim

    Changing Status from H4 to H1

    Hi My wife had an approved H1 on 2014. She worked for a year in 2014 and had to take a break in 2015 for personal reasons. Her visa status was also changed from H1 to H4. When H4-EAD came into action, we got the EAD in 2016 and is working on EAD since then. I want to know if she can change her status from H4 to H1 (cap exempt) if the employer is willing to sponsor her H1B and once H1 is approved, can she continue her existing job under H1B without any gap in employment ? Thanks Shameer Salim
  3. shameersalim

    Laying off on H1

    Hi A company laid off several people on H1 because the project got over. The reason provided was that unavailability of suitable openings. The company has a global presence and was recruiting lot of new people while the firing was happening. The laying off happened even without providing any relocation option. Just wanted to know if the company can fire people on H1 for this reason and do recruitment on H1s at the same time. Since there are a lot of people getting fired, can someone actually file a case against a company ? Thanks
  4. shameersalim

    H1 transfer without pay slips

    Hi I was on H4 and filed my H1 this year through a consultant. It got approved in sep. My consultant was marketing my resume from oct to dec. In the first week of Dec, I got a full time offer from a different employer. As a prerequisite for the transfer, I need the previous month's pay slips. When I checked with the consultant for the oct, nov pay slips and the relieving letter, he is not ready to provide that and is demanding huge money. I am afraid that he might cancel my h1. What happens if I file a complaint in DOL and he cancels my H1 ? Please let me know if I can change my status to H4 without the pay stubs. The new employer's attorney is suggesting that there is a chance of RFE without the pay slips.They are suggesting to do a consular processing for the transfer(go to home country for stamping and then come back and start working). My new company is ready to provide all documents(client letters etc) for stamping. Please let me know what options do I have and the risk of going to India for stamping. Thanks
  5. Hi, I am on H4 currently. My H4 has expired in June 2013 and I have the I797 approval(H4) for next three years. A small company has filed my H1 work permit this year and it is under review by USCIS and am waiting for a decision. In the mean time, I want to know if I can go to India for a short visit. If I am visiting India before the H1 approval comes, can I get my H4 stamped and come back. Can the H1 cause any problems in between If I am visiting India after my H1 gets approved, can I still get my H4 stamped and come back. Since a small firm has filed my H1, there are chances of 221g, or rejections. Please let me know if you can think of any other complications. Thanks Abna