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  1. How was your Stamping Interview experience.
  2. jariwala2112

    Canada for H1B Renewal

    Hi Guys, Me and my wife are planning to visit Canada for H1 and H4 stamping in DEC 2018. Is there any dates available for end of Dec ? and is there any issue people are facing stamping issues ? Thanks
  3. jariwala2112

    Waiting period until rejection

    We are in same boat. My Wife's employer file H1 this year and not heard anything about it. How long should we wait before we go H4 EAD route. Thanks
  4. jariwala2112

    Stamping in Vancouver in 1st week of June

    Hi, I m in process of filling DS160, Could you please tell me what are the open dates. I am looking for something early May.
  5. jariwala2112

    Successful Stamping @ Matamoros Feb 22

    Could you please provide info how to get the Mexico Visitor visa. Pj
  6. jariwala2112

    Successful visa stamping in vancouver- 06FEB2017

    Thank you for sharing your experience. Good luck. - Pj
  7. jariwala2112

    Vancouver Accommodation from Feb 4th 2017

    Hi I am planning to book appointment for Vancouver. Could you let me know whats the earliest availability for Interview. - Pj
  8. jariwala2112

    H1B visa interview experience in Vancuover,Canada

    Congratulations for your Visa Stamping. Could you please also guild me the process . - Pj
  9. jariwala2112

    Vancouver, Canada: H1B Visa Availability Dates

    Hi Sree, I am planning to visit Canada As well for my stamping. Could you please help me walk thru the process. I have my Canada visa already on passport. I heard the process has been change last year so was wondering. Thanks Purab
  10. jariwala2112

    Canada F1 Stamping - post here

    Hi, My wifs's appointment is on Nov 04. PJ
  11. jariwala2112

    Canada F1 Stamping - post here

    Finally we got dates in Canada so no need to change now. Thank you guys. Next step is list of documents for F1 Stamping. Can you please give any checklist ? PJ
  12. jariwala2112

    Canada F1 Stamping - post here

    Hmm .. Good luck with it ... might need to change the location and go to Jamaica, If we decide to go there do we need to submit new DS 160 for jamaica consulate ? Thanks Purab
  13. jariwala2112

    Canada F1 Stamping - post here

    Hi, We are looking for dates to get F1 Stamp at Vancouver but not getting any dates there ? is there any preffered time when dates are opening ? Thanks PJ
  14. jariwala2112

    No dates available at Canada for F1

    Yes still looking for dates . Not getting any date at Vancouver ? Thanks Purab
  15. jariwala2112

    No dates available at Canada for F1

    Hello Team, I am trying since four to five weeks but i dont see any dates available for F1 stamp at Vancouver Canada. Today morning i was able to see the next available date was for next day only. i went into it and went to calender, i checked all the dates till NOV and i see the message no dates for that date. No idea, Dates are not there till Nov ? H4 to F1 : COS is approved already. Going for stamping. Thanks Purab
  16. jariwala2112

    H4-F1 Visa approved @kingston, Jamaica

    Congratulations.... Can you please guild me how to get Jamaica Visa. Me on H1 and wife is on H4. We are trying hard for canada but not getting any dates. if so we can go to Jamaica. Thanks PJ
  17. jariwala2112

    No dates available at Canada for F1

    We are checking Vancouver. Thanks Purab
  18. jariwala2112

    No dates available at Canada for F1

    Problem is i am not able to see any dates ... i was able to see for one day and then in calender it says nothing available. i checked till Nov 30 and there were no dates available. Thanks Purab
  19. jariwala2112

    F1 visa stamp in canada

    Team, We are also looking for the dates but when ever i login it says no dates available at this moment. its been more than 2 weeks now but result is same. Any body is getting dates ? any prefer or lucky time to login and see the dates ? Please advise what to do. We check dates on : https://usvisa-info.com/en-CA/selfservice/login I hope thats the right place. Thanks Purab
  20. jariwala2112

    Canada H4 to F1 experience

    There were no dates open .. it was for the next day it self and i paid the fees for Canada. I am not able to see any more dates ? whats the expected time to see the open dates for the month of Sept ? Thanks Purab
  21. jariwala2112

    Canada H4 to F1 experience

    Hi Team, Thank you very much for your inputs. Well, i seen the message with available appointments and went ahead and paid fees and by the time i reach to see the dates its says no page displayed. I logged in back to website and it says no appointments back but now my payment is done so it says MVP Fee receipt number as well. Not sure when will i get the dates. How long the DS160 will be valid to get the dates. Thanks Purab
  22. jariwala2112

    Canada H4 to F1 experience

    Congratulations and Great ... Well i am trying to book appointment at Vancouver but not getting any. She is also from H4 to F1. What i did is, Completed DS 160, Created account on CSC Website; but it didnt asked me to pay fees, it was guiding me directly to schedule appointment and then message No appointment this time. So when should i pay fees, if it will say appointment is after **** Days. ? Am i doing something wrong here ? Please advise. Thanks Purab
  23. jariwala2112

    H4 to F1 stamping Canada.

    Hello Team, I am on H1 and wife is on H4. We got passport stamp last year from Vancouver Canada. Stamp is valid till March 2016. ( both H1 and H4 And we do have approval copies H1 and H4 as well. ) After coming back to US on H4 my wife applied for COS to F1 and it got approved. She is planing to go back to Canada again for F1 stamping. So as of now She has Valid H4 stamp on passport and F1 Approval notice. if for any reason; she doesnt get f1 stamp, Can she travel back using her H4 Visa stamp and the valid H4 approval copy ? Thanks PJ
  24. jariwala2112

    H4 to F1 stamping Canada.

    And what if VO canceled the H4 Stamp ? Will she able to get very immediate or she needs to go back to India and finish the formalities and come back ? PJ
  25. Hello Team, Thank you very much for all support and all the guild line. Me and my Wife got H1 and H4 stamping successfully. VO were cool and very straight forward guy. VO : Good morning Sir and Madam. Me and Wife : Good morning Sir. VO : why are you guys here today Sir. Me : for H1 and H4 stamping. VO : is your son born in USA Sir. Me : yes. VO : Do you have end client Sir ? Me : Yes i do sir. VO : Please give me LCA and Client letter sir ? Me : Sure Sir. VO Typing something ..... VO : Since how long you guys are married ? Me : Since 7 Years. VO : How much you are making per year sir ? Me : $$ per anumm. VO : Since how long with employer ? ME :: Since XXX VO : and with client ? Me :: Since XXX. VO : Sir, I see your wife got H4 Stamp in past with CCC Employer, why not you ? Me : She visited india multiple times so she went for Stamping. I didnt got a chance to visit india in a while sir. VO : Ok, these are the labor law for US. You should read before returning to work. ME : Sure sir, will do. VO :: Your Visa is approved, you can track here. Me and Wife :: Thank you sir. VO :: Trying to interact with my BABY .. BYBYBYBYB Baby : he was also cool tool.. ... BYBYBYBY Today morning i was checking my status on CSC website but there is no change. it says YOU have No current appointment schedule ... But there is nothing like .. Application Status / Way Bill Number ? is it normal ? Thanks PJ